Fatigue Bug/Error?

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I was running out of fatigue rather fast the last few days so decided to try something out. Once you run out of fatigue, there are a few things that can still drain your fatigue, and this example was target practicing on an Archery Target...


[02:07:33] You have -62 seconds left. <--- this is what I started with. If you have several things queued up, you will continue to do them until your queue is over. Didn't test it, but pretty sure you can keep queuing up to avoid getting exhausted... Could be a bug also.


[03:19:29] You have -2835 seconds left. <--- Last check before the Rest Message showed up. This is 99% Archery Target Practicing. Some also includes creating a few healing covers and first aiding myself and the guards.


[03:22:38] You feel rested. <--- time when rested.


[03:22:55] You have 12 minutes left. <--- right after the Rested message. 


Total time between the the first message to the rest message is 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

2835 seconds = 47.25 minutes.

60 - 47.25 = 12.75 minutes which fits up with the 12 minutes left. I did get that hour back for rested, but after subtracting the 2835 seconds off it, I only got 12 minutes to do non exhausting tasks.


I assume this can be abused like crazy. Someone can basically keep archery practicing until they are capped at skill 40 without worrying about being restricted. Of course, it would bite them in the butt since they won't have any fatigue and need a long time to recover. But it doesn't stop them from doing other things that uses the timer, such as making healing covers, or healing wounds. These are the only two that I tested, but there may be a few more that will work when you are exhausted.




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Added a check so the action queue shouldn't be able to bypass fatigue. 


Thank you :)

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