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Shadow Lands Now open to the Public!

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Shadow Lands is now open, come enjoy a Wurm experience in a custom map with increased Skill gain and Action Speeds!  


Thanks to Xallo, you can experience a custom 4096x4096 map.  You can see the map in Xallo's post here.  Keenan brings us the Stat Gain Mod to help balance core stats with the increased Skill gain.  The Stat Gain Mod can be found over here.  Beyond this the server is just a simple 100 Slot Wurm Unlimited Server, but I would love to see it grow into a wonderful community


Server Stats:

Server Name : Shadow Lands -- PVE -- SG 10x - AS 5x -- Host^Oriss --

Max Players : 100

Map : Custom 

Skill gain rate multiplier : 10.0
Core Stat start value : 25.0
Fight Skill start value : 20.0
Overall skill start value : 1.0
Action speed Multiplier :5.0

Max Creatures : 20,000
Aggressive Creatures Percentage : 35%

Breeding time Modifier : 7Hr
Field Growth Timer : 7Hr
Minimum mining hits required : 35


Edited by oriss

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Small repairing by Tatos and Dagu:

Field Growth Timer = 18+ hrs (too hard condition for someone)

Map = Ocrea


I hope no wipe (please), because I want to stay on this server.


merry xmas everybody

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