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Gang of Gnomes, their gorgeous goats and Gene.. the Jerk.

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After this mornings attempt by Gene to start the Great Gnome Riot of 1053, I have decided it is time for Gene and his gang of miscreants to find new homes.

Luckily his attempts were quickly quashed by the grandest GM, Forsete, but to prevent further issue arising from these naughty gnomes, the must be split up, far and wide across the servers!

I greatly caution against getting all these gnomes into one home again in fear of what grave mischief they may get up to.


Please indicate which Gnome you wish to give a new home.


Starting Bid: 3s per Gnome 1s per Goat

Min Increase: 50c

Reserve: None

Buyout: None

Snipe Protection: 1 Hour



Winner pays CoD, or can be picked up on Deliverance at Funndy Docks.



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