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Greetings All, it's time to clean out the storage containers in preparation for winter!


Rare *gold* trowel, 80ql, 6s


Copper lantern, 80ql 3s


Rare large oakenwood shield, 95+ql, 7s (my siggy)
Kyklops Skull-8s

New Potions

Stonecutting, 46ql, 1.5s
Fletching, 88ql, 2s
Tailoring, 95ql, 3s
Blacksmith, 69ql, 3s
Armorsmith, 65, 75,83ql. 2s per or 5s for 3.


5 frost pots ranging from 66-97ql, pm if interested along with 2 acid pots.


Post will be updated when I finish getting the rest of my bloods made into pots and/if they're worth selling :)

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