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Wurm Unlimited Personal Merchant

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I have an idea I would like to implement on my server that would involve either the Trader or preferably the Personal Merchant. It would require a feature that does not currently exist but I am curious how difficult it would be to code it in.


I would like to be able to place a personal merchant that not only sells but buys as well. The player would load the merchant with his own coins... specify specific items to buy from other players.


So for example if I want to buy only gold lump from players. Specify for the merchant only to purchase Gold Lump... specify the minimum quality... and set the price I wish him to buy at. 


This would allow GMs and Players alike on servers to create passive quest/missions for the server.


Example 1:

GM places a Merchant somewhere on the map and puts 100 gold on him with settings to purchase Bear Furs that are 10 quality or higher for 1 gold each.  This allows players to hunt bears and find the merchant to sell them to somewhere on the map.


Example 2:

Player places a Merchant in his deed and puts 100 gold on him with settings to purchase Stone Bricks that are 50 quality or higher for 1 silver each.  This would encourage players to visit player settlements... look around for these type of merchants... find the quests... go out and get the items needed and return for the reward.  This also allows the mayor of the settlement to aquire items he needs for his village or what have you.


A sign could be placed beside the merchant explaining the items that are being looked for... or more preferably the merchant itself could put a message in chat when a player opens the trade window with him with a quick line of the details of the quest.


So my question is is this possible to code and how difficult would it be?

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I support this 100%! I'd love to be able to use it on my server. :D

P.S. Your numbers are a BIT off... it'd be more likely to put a few silvers in the merchant and buy the bricks for a few irons each. 100 iron per copper, 100 copper per silver, 100 silver per gold, etc. Not super important for the purposes of providing an example, of course... don't mind me. :P

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