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PMK Magus title not working, raises other questions

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I am currently court magus and royal priest in a PMK on Elevation. The royal priest title ( halves the cost of favor for spells) has been working at all times even prior to having over 2% land. Now that we have over over 2% land I was assigned the court magus title and it doesn't do anything. My favor tick size and frequency are exactly the same as before.


- Yes, I use show all ticks in skills.

- I have relogged since being assigned the titles (its been two days).

- There has been a server restart since we acquired 2% land.

- Yes we have exactly 2.04% land so theres no room for Wurm rounding issues (19.9996 =20)

- I've tried setting my Kingdom Title as my personal title with no resolve. 


Now, the court magus title isn't really all that effective anyway, but it raises some concerns as to if our other 2% titles are working or not. No way of personally testing those either from what I know. For what its worth I am also royal avenger. Would having multiple of these titles nullify the effects of another? Specifically the avenger and magus as they require the 2% land for them to be active.


If theres anything I'm doing wrong here feel free to let me know. 

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Yeah, it does nothing.  As in (so far as I can see from the WU server code), the title merely exists, but has no actual effect.


It's not the only one either. Just another one of those things that was always left as a mystery and never had anything added for it.

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