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Rare Rope Tool - 61QL

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Rare Firwood Rope Tool (61 QL)

☞ wurm-rare-ropetool-inv.png ☜

Starting Bid: 4.50s

Increment: 0.50s

Buyout Price: 10.00s


Auction Ends: Friday, November 13 2015, approx. 2:15AM EST (see timer below)

Snipe Protection: 1h

Reserve: None!






(click for full glorious rope tool action shot!)



You like ropes. You love ropes. You need ropes.


We've all been there. Your village priest is drunk, complaining about bringing faith back up after converting to Nahjo, not doing his job, and so on and so on. With the high QL cordage you'll be producing with this thing, he won't have an excuse anymore! Pretty soon you'll be cranking out life-stealing WoA frying pans or whatever it is you weirdos do and making enough money to complete your supreme silverware collection!


Bonus rope quality! It's a thing, and you want it! This is the item you want! You don't have a choice in the matter!



Shipping COD at buyer's expense, or if you're feeling crazy you can come pick it up in SW Xanadu. PM Ostentatio or Circe with any questions. All bids should be posted in this thread!

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light of my life, fire of my loins  :o



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