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Realm of the Drunken Mafia

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Realm of the Drunken Mafia is a server hosted in Chicago, USA.  Dedicated hosting 24/7. 

* English speaking only in public channels, everyone welcome!
* Custom 4096x4096 map designed by Miretta

* Crops won't turn to weeds

* Crops grow in 24 hours

* Priest restrictions removed

* Deed upkeep enabled

* Deed costs reduced compared to WO

* Traders have plenty of cash

* Starter/Training deed (Public crafting/farming)

* 25000 mob count

* 2x skill gain / 3x action timer

* Public market

* Start with 21 Body Control (Able to ride a horse)

* Digging like mining

* Free premium



* Teamspeak server ( )

* Friendly clan (Drunken Mafia), we play several sandbox games and host a few including Wurm Unlimited and ARK: Survival Evolved.



* Donations for silver available.  25cents per silver.  All donations are direct to server upkeep.


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