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Hello. I made this mod for my server but I decided to release it.

It should be compatible with Keenan's Deedmod, but I didn't test it.



  • Define the minimum size of a settlement by choosing the minimum number of tiles to each side. Wurm default is 5 tiles, which makes a minimum settlement of 11x11.
  • Change the price per tile (Default: 1c), perimeter tile (Default: 50i) and guards (Default: 2s), and also the founding charge (Default: 3s).
  • It does NOT allow you to change upkeep costs, but it's something I'm planning to add.



  • You need Ago's Mod Loader. You can find it here



  • Just extract to your mods folder, and configure the file to your desire.



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Any chance you can post an example of the file to make it easier to use? Even better would be including a JPWM_Deeds.disabled version so that we can just enable it by changing name to .properties

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Sorry, just realized winzip was only extracting the jar file while ignoring the properties one. Didn't realize it was there until I did it manually.

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