Rare unfinished stone altar

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I have a rare unfinished stone altar, up for the auction.


The price is intended WITH delivery. If you want to pick it up from my deed in xanadu j16 coast, i can chop one silver off your current bid - i will discuss this with the auction winner.


I do not accept euros, referrals or sleeping powders as payment.


Edit: one word has to be said about delivery to chaos: i'm not going there. in case you are from chaos, please choose a known deed on the west coast of  deliverance and we will arrange the trade there in secrecy, to avoid possible interceptions on borders.


Starting bid: 7s


Increments: 1s


Buyout: 15s



Current highest bid:  Drused - 11s


(please keep in mind that it might be outdated)

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