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ReShade works with Wurm Unlimited

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It works with WU, the only things with problems are Depth of Field and Ambient Occlusion because the way wurm works (objects outline on mouse over, if you turn it off, you can use DOF and AO but needs to be adjusted to not blur the interface), the rest works perfectly.


ReShade site


A presset i did with subtle changes, most color and some flare

Most color correction, lens flare, bloom. 

everything easy to set up, turn on and off and adjust as you wish

It is easy to create a profile from scratch, but you need to adjust everything


turn off the native wurm bloom ("glow") to use ReShade


Some example screens


Color, Brightness, Contrast, Texture Shapness... 



Depth of Field












Lens effects, flare








I do not know if this is the right place to post this....

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wow interesting how taxing is this on your system?


Do you have any logs on memory usages, cpu, etc?

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I have frame limiter enabled with 60fps cap using ReShade the game runs at 54-60fps in fact, if I don't look the fps counter, i don't notice any difference.  

CPU 8% Memory 31% (wurm, reshade, steam, internet browser, teamspeak, system and software services running )   if i turn it off, CPU drop to 7% and Memory still 31%

GTX 970 vídeo card here

these are the enabled effects in the profile i shared above, nothing with high performance cost


The game is so beautiful with depth of field
The mountains in the horizon are usually low poly, spiked because of the terrain lod. The depth of field disguises this problem and the horizon looks great.
Unfortunately if the outline is on the focus shifts to each object/tile with the blue outline. If you play without outline you can use depth of field and ambient occlusion (AO has a high performance cost)
I hope one day they put native shaders with these options, shaders can do wonders
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Thanks for this DioSan, I had no idea this worked with Wurm. I started with your preset and tweaked it mainly for tonemap, vibrance, s-curves and lumasharpen. You should get crisp non blurry graphics.


Here is my preset:


I'm still using in game AA, I will try messing with that in ReShade at some point. I also need to get around to tweaking each setting. Currently I am using 3840x2160 and getting good fps but I am not sure that will be the case if you have a lot of structures around.


edit: Screenshot:




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Any help on how you got this to work with WU? I ran Reshade and pointed it at the WurmLauncher.exe and chose OpenGL, didn't work. Tried the put the files in the /runtime/bin folder where java is, still doesn't work.

Doesn't seem to be any information on this topic after 2015.

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