Roof Design issue

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after asking in CA Help and even having a CA ride over to my deed and scratching our heads together I'm having a weird problem with the outcome of a roof I built. the layout of the building is 5x3 with the front facing 3 center tiles cut out up at the roof height, so 5x2 with a single tile sticking out at each end. it seems that making this corner connection has been solved by the script in two different ways, one at each end so they don't match and makes the building look odd. I made the same shape roof with the same material once before and everything matched up and I really liked the look of it which is why I am trying to repeat it here. It's a thatch roof and the lower peaks of the tiles sticking out on the ends sit low and have a wooden beam running across the tops but at one end it's gone with a beam running 2 tiles long and at the other the beam only runs 1 tile. So my question is, does anybody know any good tricks on how to control/predict how the game will render its way around corners with a roof? I don't care if i have the 1 tile beam or the 2 tile beam in the end I just want the two ends of the building to match.



the outside view showing the different beams



inside west end facing south, showing 2-tile long beam from below



inside east end facing south, showing 1-tile long beam from below



Things we've tried:

-rotating roof tiles (rotate option appears to be there, when used it runs the timer and says I've rotated the roof clockwise or counterclockwise but nothing visually changes)

- ripping out and rebuilding the ends to ensure the 3 tiles at each end were installed in the same order

- ripping out and rebuilding just the center of the 3 tiles at each end to try and remake the connection


so far all rip out and rebuilds seem to put the roof back in exactly the same fashion every time


any help will be greatly appreciated on this one folks :) thank you for reading my painfully long post

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You cannot change appearance of a roof, the roof auto connect when on same level. I am afraid it is a limitation with current game mechanics.

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well darn.. thanks though! now at least I know I didn't make some weird mistake in the order I built them or something :)

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