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WTS 250 support beams will deliver

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As the title states, i'm looking to sell 250 mine support beams.

id like to get what seems to be the  "New standard" price for them , 4c each.

but i'm willing to negotiate slightly if you intend to by the full 250.


i'm also willing to deliver anywhere (including anywhere inland) and to any server Except chaos. my only requirement is that you must buy at least 50 support beams . id prefer to not have to deliver 5 support beams to southern celebration when i live on xanadu if  i don't have to :).


I'd prefer to make contact in-game or here on the forums  rather then forum pm. I'm reachable in-game at dedri or derpaderp at U.S.A prime-time pretty much any night of the week (im usually on from 6pm CST to around 10pm CST and most of the day during the weekend)


Thank you very much for your time and i hope to be hearing from 

you soon , safe travels fellow wurmians.


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