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Arrrr!!!!Plate smith & Bulk manufacture!

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Arrrr!!!!Plate smithing &  Bulk manufacture.

Hi, I want to offer you my Plate armours and bulk materials.



If you want to order a plate set or some bulk material's PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too.


You can offer me high ql/rare/enchanted tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation :) Just look on my stuff and prices. If u need something that is not avaliable in my storage, just talk to me. Probably I can make it on demand.


Plate Smithing: (50, 60, 70,80  QL)

You can order any parts of plate or I can imp yours! PM me.

All price's for full armour set (9 parts)


QL: price
50 70c
60 1s
70 1,75s
80 2,5s


My skills:

Mining 62

Wood Cutting 56

Digging 47

Masonry 43

Stone cutting 27

Carpentry 50


Bulk prieces:






  • 1000 Bricks for 2s
  • 1000 Mortar for 2.5s
  • 100 Slabs for 1.5s
  • 100 Concrete for 1s


Bulk Carpentry:

  • 1000 planks for 1.5s
  • 1000 shafts for 1s
  • 1000 Arrow Shafts for 2s
  • 100 Support Beams for 4s
  • 10 Floorboards for 50c


Bulk Smithing:

  • 100 small nails for 10c
  • 100 large nails for 15c
  • 100 ribbons for 50c
  • 100 fence bars for 1s
  • 100 rivets for 10c
  • 100 frying pans for 2s
  • 1000 steel lumps for 2,5s (low ql)


Raw Materials:

  • 1000 clay for 1s
  • 1000 tar for 1s
  • 1000 dirt for 1s
  • 1000 iron lumps for 1s (low ql)
  • 100 logs for 30c (low ql, 24kg each) 
  • 1000 Charcoal for 3s(ql~30) 

Ropes (Over 50ql):

  • Rope for 40i
  • Mooring Rope for 5c
  • Thick Rope for 10c
  • Cordage Rope for 5c
  • Halter Rope for 15c
  • 10 Bowstrings for 5c (90ql+)




Other things for sale:

Potion of fletching 85ql-1,5S

Potion of flething 94 ql-1,7S

Blue dragon blood-1s

Dark ring 75 ql dmg 1- 1,5s


Steel Blacksmithing tools 50ql-15c


Rift items:

2x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 75 ql-50c ea

Right layered shoulder pad, 75 ql 1,5s

neacklace  of protection, seryll, 25 ql 50c

soul stealer neacklace, seryl, 75 ql 2s

ribonned shoulder pad 50 ql 1,5s

curved shoulder pad 75 ql 1,5s



Rift materials 10c/ea:

24x 21ql rift stone shrads

4x 29 ql rift wood






85,9ql 0,33kg glimmersteel - 3,3s

84,9ql 0,30 rare glimmersteel -3s

89,69 ql 0,35 kg adamantie lump-3,5s 



Active Bee hives -30 ql- 2,5s

Bees wax- 100x- 40ql- send an offer








You should also see our master chansmith page: 


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i do deliveries for 80c.
pm me if interested.
toon name is also zaefran.

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can you do 1k sand delivered to D24 Xanadu? feel free to pm me for further discuss :D


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I'll take 1k bricks and 1k mortar delivered to T25 on Celebration (5min or less from the SE server border).  Please PM me to setup a time :)  Thanks!

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Great Merchant.  Delivered the same day and was very awesome.  Thank you so much ;)

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