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[EU] Dedicated, Custom Kingdoms + PMKs, Custom Map, Classic Wurm experience - VWT Cluster

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Currently 2 servers with 1 more in development/testing. Interactive maps, cluster info and a tutorial on how to install the maps for our servers in to your client can be found with this link. We've been running VWT Home since 23rd of October 2015.
VWT Home - 2048x2048, landing server, 8000 creatures (30% hostile), altars
VWT South - 4096x4096, 16000 creatures - will be increased once population rises (25% hostile), has a couple of no-PvP zones, altars



All new players have the option of 3 kingdoms to join: Freedom Isles (Freedom), Dragonsteel Militia (Mol Rehan based PMK) or Tenebrous Exiles (HotS based PMK) all with their associated newbie villages which have most newbie resources close by.
We're currently looking for more active players to join Tenebrous Exiles and Dragonsteel Militia so as to balance the three kingdoms. There is even a spot for an active player to become the King/Queen of Dragonsteel Militia as we already have a King for Tenebrous Exiles.
Game mechanic settings:
  • PvP - yes
  • Skillgain - 1x
  • Characteristics start at 20
  • Fighting starts at 5
  • All other skills start at 1
  • Combat rating - 1x
  • Action timers - 1.4x (subject to change)
  • Upkeep is enabled
  • Free deeds are disabled
  • Minimum mining actions - 40
  • Breeding modifier - 1x
  • Field growth - 8 hours
  • Tree spread - 1x

More active players are also needed to become priests and meditation leaders. We're hosting events every month (with prizes or loot) which are decided by polls so the players get to choose what we do that month.

Silver (and gold) coins can be made available along with skill dumps from your Wurm Online character should people find playing on our servers enjoyable and wish to donate to the running costs of the servers.

If you didn't check out the cluster info link above: to connect to the servers search for "VWT Home" in the server list.


The Violent Isles waits for you...


Edited by Smebb
Added second server details, the maps and modified some more info. Some of the grammatical mistakes were also corrected. :3

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I've added more details and the maps for the servers. The 10 or so regulars in Freedom are peaceful folk (at the minute...), we only have a handful of people in the 2 PMKs so we're looking for more regular players to join them. 

We also need someone who isn't a GM or staff to take the crown for Dragonsteel Militia, so they're truly player run. ;) 

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