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LumpyVerse [MODDED] 2x Skillgain | 3x Action speed

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Hello everyone! Lumpyverse is a private invite only server. 

Our current features :
• No priest restrictions! You can do anything a normal character can do while being a priest (mining, paving, building, continueing, imping etc.)
• Want to pray at your alter 70 times in a row? No problem, we have no cooldown period on praying and meditating!
• Crops never reach the stage of weeds. So plant, relax and don't worry your crops will never die.

We have active GM's who help new players start the game, and a very friendly community. I am the server host and coder Daisy. 

If you feel that you could add to our community please feel free to leave us a msg in the thread or a private msg. 

- We are a PVE server with PVP events.
- Our skillgain is 2x and our action speed timer is 3x.



Kind Regards,


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• Life Transfer to from 120 >> 90.

• Mind Stealer from 120 >> 90.

• Venom to from 120 >> 90.

• Zombie Infestation to from 120 >> 90.

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