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War of 3 Kingdoms - Awesome Perks !

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Welcome to War of 3 Kingdoms where you can build your toon and town to defend or go to war. This server has many perks to offer whether you are a wanderer or want to stake your claim on a piece of land.

Take a look and come join us if you like what you see.



* Dedicated server in Seattle

* One of the fastest ping rates.

* Custom huge 4096 x 4096 map.

* Lots of flat land and some mountains to build your village.

* White Light and Black Light.

* 40k animals. More can be added if needed.

* Uniques across the map.

* Farms yeild crops in 1 day.




* Choose one of the 3 kingdoms, JK, HOTS, or MR and be teleported directly to the starting town.

* You can also create your own kingdom if you choose.



* 3x skill gain, 3x timer.

* 30 Body Control so you can ride a horse rather than slowly plod around on Betsy.

* 10 Fight Skill. Yes, you can survive a chicken attack !

* Bag of Keeping supplied (ask GM)



* All starting towns have a Trader with lots of coin to sell your items and get money to buy items.

*Tar, clay, peat and a mine with iron conveniently placed in town.

* Altars placed in town if you choose to become a priest.

* Free beds with nicely laundered sheets to rest your head after a long day of work and help you gain sleep bonus in the inn.

* Crafting house with Forges, ovens, loom and spinning wheel.


Ventrilo available


No GM interference. All cheaters will be banned.


We welcome you all and hope you can come join us for some great adventures on War of the 3 Kingdoms !

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