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Final Breath Community. Persistent Server, No Wipes.

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Final Breath are a small mature and friendly community with a new server interested in all elements of RP. We are looking for likeminded people to join us wether it be to make your own settlement with friends to trade or raid your neighbours or join us in building our town. We realise that this will be a long term investment of your time and would like dedicated players to join us and get integrated into the server/commnity.


  • You can rest assured that the server will never be wiped. Ever.


  • Changes to the server can be made as needed with player votes.


  • There will be no GM interference as i am assigning no one such powers. Everyone starts equal and its upto you to shape your character.


  • Decisions you make will affect the allies/enemies you gain.


  • Currently the server has a popullation of 60,000 creatures with 20% are hostile.


  • Settlements will have their own channel on Teamspeak upon request.


If you are interested in starting out with us and are ready for a long but relaxing time with a friendly atmosphere please join us on our TS3 at: or search for Final Breath on the server list.


We look forward to you joining us and seeing the community grow.








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full harcore pvp?


Yes mate.We want it to be as realistic as possible. If you'd like to be a serial killer, that's fine. If you want to fist fight sea monsters who happen to stand in the way of your fishing adventure, that's fine also. 

There's never a dull moment on our server, as you have to be on edge at all times to avoid drawing unwanted, hostile attention to yourself in one form or another. 



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Good bunch of guys on this server, been playing with them a bit, would recommend joining and they are helpful and friendly on TS too.

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