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Enchanted Grass

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For a new player this page is useless. It never actually says what does E.Grass do and why do people want it.

Through CA Help I found out that some perks are there, but no way to spot them if not familiar with them already

"Note 2: As of November 11, 2012 enchanted grass no longer seems to disappear when grazed. There is a small chance that a grazing animal will pack the tile." - this seams to be the main reason, and it's under a note. Also, "small chance" says nothing if you don't know what the chance is for normal grass so that you can compare it somehow.

As a new player I can't ask for a specific change, just that you look at it from eyes of a new player who will most likely use the wiki and change it accordingly :)

Cheers 0/

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