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Japanese(Hots)vsChina(MR)vsKorea(JK)vsOther(NO kingdom)

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Important thing

Japanese=Horde of the Summoned
Otherï¼No Kingdom
Please enter the appointed country
※The fair Server
※The fair world
※24 hours operation
※I maintain it for a long term
※NO Pasword


Server Name
Japanese(Hots)vsChina(MR)vsKorea(JK)vsOther(NO kingdom)

Server Details

Max Plyer=200
Skill gain rate multiplier=3.0
Characteristic start value=20
Mind Logic skill start value=25
Body Control skill start value=25
Fight skill start value=10
Overall skill start value=1
Player combat rating modifier=3
Action speed multiplier=3
Hota Delay=2160
Max Creatures=10000
Aggressive Creatures=30
Settlement upkeep enabled=ON
No deeding costs=OFF
Trader max money=50
Trader initial money=1
Minimum mining hits required=21.0
Breeding time modifier=3.0
Field growth timer, hour=1
Money pool=100

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