In the Need of Speed? Horse equipment & Tools available!

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  • buyer pays COD from Exodus, or pickup Exodus H13

delivery negotiable, free delivery for orders over 5s to boat accessible places on Exo, Deli, Cele, south Indy, west Xana

any tool or shoe can be imped to ql90 for extra 30c

ingame PM: Joeix (priest), Wocas (imper)


Speed! Don't waste you time, equip your horses, speed up your cart and wagon.


Horseshoe ql75 woa72 58c, 2pcs

Horseshoe ql75 woa73 59c, 3pcs

Horseshoe ql75 woa74 60c, 6pcs

Horseshoe ql75 woa76 63c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql75 woa77 64c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql75 woa78 66c, 5pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa80 73c, 4pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa81 76c, 2pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa82 79c, 3pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa83 81c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa84 84c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa85 87c, 2pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa87 92c, 3pcs

Horseshoe ql80 woa88 95c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa89 107c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa90 110c, 2pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa91 120c, 4pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa92 130c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa93 140c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa94 150c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa95 160c, 2pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa96 170c, 2pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa98 210c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa99 230c, 1pcs

Horseshoe ql83 woa100 250c, 1pcs


Saddle ql90 woa77 154c

Saddle ql90 woa77 154c

Saddle ql90 woa78 156c

Saddle ql90 woa79 157c

Saddle ql90 woa80 158c

Saddle ql90 woa82 164c

Saddle ql90 woa88 180c

Saddle ql90 woa91 195c

Saddle ql90 woa93 215c

Saddle ql90 woa96 245c



Use fast tools! You don't need extra skill now, you need a job done.


Pickaxe ql81 woa75 67c

Pickaxe ql81 woa76 68c

Pickaxe ql81 woa77 69c

Pickaxe ql81 woa78 71c

Pickaxe ql81 woa79 72c

Pickaxe ql85 woa80 73c

Pickaxe ql86 woa81 76c

Pickaxe ql85 woa84 84c

Pickaxe ql84 woa86 89c

Pickaxe ql84 woa87 92c

Pickaxe ql84 woa90 100c

Pickaxe ql84 woa94 140c

Pickaxe ql84 woa95 150c


Shovel ql84 woa79 72c

Shovel ql88 woa86 95c


Hatchet ql84 woa70 60c

Hatchet ql84 woa81 76c

Hatchet ql84 woa83 81c

Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c

Hatchet ql84 woa90 100c

Hatchet ql84 woa92 120c

Hatchet ql84 woa97 180c


Saw ql82 woa84 84c

Saw ql82 woa84 85c

Saw ql82 woa85 87c

Saw ql85 woa86 89c

Saw ql82 woa87 92c


Stone chisel ql85 woa82 79c

Stone chisel ql84 woa86 89c

Stone chisel ql88 woa97 180c


Rake ql82 woa81 76c

Rake ql86 woa98 200c

Edited by Joeix

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Rake ql86 woa98 200c

COD to Blackunicorn


sent, will be there in 3 minutes, thank you  :)

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im looking for 90+ woa and 80ql shovel..let me know if you have any soon..


ql88 woa86 shovel sent,as agreed via PM. thank you for your business!

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Horseshoe ql83 woa90 110c, 2pcs

Saddle ql90 woa91 195c

Horseshoe ql83 woa92 130c, 1pcs

Pleasae COD to Gau thx

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