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NAGN - 24/7 Dedicated Server - TeamSpeak - PVE -Creative {5xSkillGain & 5xActionSpeed}

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North American Gaming Network (NAGN) 


We have recently Launched a Dedicated Wurm Unlimited Server using the Creative Map slightly customized for your play pleasure. Included with playing on our server you may Join our Teamspeak to have voice communications with fellow players join up and form settlements. Settlements established with 4 or more members can request and obtain a permanent Sub-channel they can password or leave open.


Server Stats: 


5 x SkillGain

5 x Actionspeed

Public iron mine at Spawn to get started

Creative Map

Player Limit of 250 (max server limitation)

Teamspeak 3 (Wurm Lobby Channel is just above the Default Lobby when you join) Server=


All hosted on a dedicated box in a data center in Chicago 


6 Core Intel Xeon E5-2690 @3.0 Ghz 

16Gb Ram

50Mbps interconnect


The intention of the server is to conduct as little admin interference with the game as possible its there for the players to build create and form their own economy. Deeds cost to establish and upkeep is required. Spawn hosts both a single Shopkeeper and Bartender to help you on your first few days (as well as a single source of coin injection to the world) 


Greifing / attempts to hack / damage or other acts of aggression will not be tolerated and players can be permanent banned without warnings.


If the demand is there down the road additional map clusters will be added (PVP, No Hostile Monster Maps etc.)


Come enjoy and have a good time.



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As we have now added PVP / Kingdoms (Adventure Map) To the Server cluster please disregard this advertising there is a new post in the Mixed Servers Listing.

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