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New players do not have carts and the tent only holds one horse (and only lasts a week). Old players may have a cart, but would sometimes like to have a third horse just for riding around camp. If an old player decides to set up an out post or go on an adventure, it can be difficult to have a "camp" and keep the three horses needed. These reasons are why it should be added for other people.


Personally, I am just starting a settlement (with nothing but my starter items) and have not found iron yet. I found two decent horses wandering about and can only keep one horse tied up without taming. I already lost a tamed horse because of a troll sneaking into my camp. I need iron to build a fence to keep the horses. It would be nice to be able to tie them up to a hitching post. A post can hold up to four horses, but would not be "safe" as any player can walk by and take them. 


Please consider this as a new addition.

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I would love to see hitching posts added to the game. They would have many uses. Imagine visiting someone and wanting to "park your horse somewhere". Or else if someone holds a player event or has a player establishment and wants to provide "parking space" for people to hitch up their rides. How immersive and cool that would be. It would have to work so that only the person who hitched the horse would be able to also unhitch it.



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