This mod will add more creatures to your wurm game without replacing the original creatures
I will add more creatures and features over time. 

Link to screenshots: Screenshots

Newest version:
CreatureMod 2.1.0 Includes:   Animals:   Zebra Ocelot Regular Bay Mangalarga Marchador Skewbald Piebald Knabstrupper Knabstrupper x Appaloosa Rocky Mountain Panda Bear Main Coon Australorp Rhode Island Red Silver campine Dalmatian Black Angus Belted Galloway Red Wattle
Husky   Patch Notes:   Creaturemod 2.1.0 Added Foals,Husky,Black Angus, Dalmatian, Belted Galloway, Red Wattle, Silver Campine, Rhode Island Red, Australorp   Creaturemod 2.0.0 Added horses to the creature demo that Ago put together     Installation: Step 1: Install Ago's server modloader and client Modloader (make sure you got them working properly and that it's the newest version) Step 2: Copy both the creaturedemo folder and strait into your mods folder on the server side
Step 3: Start your server using ago's modloader Done   Feel free to request more but I can't make any promises
AbsolutelyNobody Ago
Crowley     And if anyone is interested in making a donation: Will be this link for the time being until they fix this forum