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[RELEASE] Wurm Skills Dump to CSV to SQL Tool

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Updated the original post with a temporary URL until we get hosting fixed.

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I love this tool, and was a tad saddened by the loss of it, or at least the easy to access version of it we had.


However, it is possible, (but rather involved and difficult), to run it on your own machine.


What you need is a web server, (Apache), Mysql and php, all configured and set up properly.

And believe me when I say this can be a nightmare for those not used to setting up something like this.


But there is a slightly less involved solution, XAMPP, which automagically sets up most of it for you, and with a little tweaking you too could run this locally, ( you'll likely end up losing hair, friends and sleep, you have been warned ).


I'd love to give a tutorial on setting it all up, but other than a bit of hand holding I'm afraid I'm pretty pants at tutorials...


What you will need, The containing the files you'll need to actually transfer your skills, skill dumps, XAMPP installed and running, and the ability to extract files and move folders about, and finally, some knowledge of webpage design, enough at least to build a simple web page, rather than having to enter the address by hand every time ..., It's not particularly hard, but simply typing 'localhost' in the address bar and clicking a link is much easier ....



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