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Wurm Skills Spreadsheet

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Hey there!


Me and Slinky are working on an SQL file generator for server administrators to import skills that people may have had on Wurm Online, or if they want a certain skill set. Could be used for server admins to make custom "loadouts" for certain players or whatever... Anyway...


Some modders or tool makers might find this spreadsheet I made useful:


It's a list of all the skills and their associated "Number" in the database in order of the skill dump.


Once we've fully tested the skill SQL generator (which will eventually read a Wurm skills dump file and automatically output the SQL file) and tweaked it a bit, I'll post it up here along with the PHP source so people can convert it to Java, Python, C or whatever your poison is.


I hope the spreadsheet helps some people!

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Thanks a bunch. Was gonna make debug of skill iDs tonight, you've saved me time :)

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