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Basic server GM package for noobs

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Hello fellow wurmians!


Wurm unlimited just came out one day ago and as a total programming noob I already have some trouble regarding being a GM and altering the server so it suits me better.


As an example:

- I made a map, using Budda's WGenerator. However I have absolutely no clue on how to use the map. That means: making it so that I can use the map in my server and play on it.

I looked for a maps folder in the wurm folder located in steamapps > common > wurm unlimited dedicated server, but it wasn't there. Only the creative map and the adventure map.

I put the map I made inside the dedicated server folder just to check and see if I could choose that map on the dedicated server tool but (like I actually expected) it didn't work.

Also I could not find a tutorial on how to use maps and if I did I didn't understand a single ###### from it because I suck at programming.


So to make having and altering a server easier for everyone (mostly the noobs out there):


The basic server GM package


This includes:


- A text file with recommended tools that you can download that already exist.

So like Budda's WGenerator and WesncIsme's Character Importer.

- A text file with basic info on running a server and info on the dedicated server tool

that you got when you got wurm unlimited.

- A map importer:

For putting your custom maps into the server and managing your maps.

- A GM tool for spawning items and using commands: (anyone who remembers invedit from minecraft? Sort of like that)

With this you can: spawn in items, change the weather, spawn creatures, set your skills, remove follower or priest restrictions etc.


If anyone knows anything else, please tell me.


For everyone who says: Just learn how to use the computer!


I get that but not everyone has time to learn how to code and some people read instructions (that include coding and not: put it in this folder located here and run it - instructions) as if it were chinese (when they are not chinese). This is for noobs and the most nooby noobs of all, like me d:


Thanks for reading, if something already exists, like the map importer, comment it.

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All of these things will get more user friendly and simplified as people poke around in the code.  Right now it's in the period where only the big boys have the patience to work at things.  Don't worry, newb-friendly processes will be coming!

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^ This.


I mean it took no time at all for someone to put out the map generator.

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