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Upcomming Dedicated Server " The Animatrix"

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So hope everyone is ready for WU release day, we are a group of active admins and we will be opening a 24/7 Data center hosted WU server. There will be PVP and PVE, no fees and full open building with crafting and all the goodness of WO but with no costs.


We will soon have a website up and we will post the link here and various other places, we hope it will have fill active forums and be assured our admins will listen and act on our communities desires. The Animatrix server will have NO wipes, NO over active admins, NO age limits etc etc, we do hoever expect a code of decent conduct online, and griefers and hackers Will be dealt with. We hope you can come and join us and make our server as good as if not better than official servers. See you online ;-)


The Animatrix Team


Email our admin team at


web site will be at

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