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WTS Vyn Battery Doris with Trader & Deed

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Greetings folks,


Today I am looking to offload another of my priest harem battery alts.


This character (Doris) is an un premmed Vynora priest with 56.71 faith, 33 prayer but no other skills of any real note. However, she is the mayor of a stand alone trader deed with a single two storey 3x3 building on the outskirts of the former Opulence territory next to the north / south road in the near centre of Exodus. The deed itself is literally just the building and land of minimum size.


As I am no longer playing on Exodus and have no need for this (and other) character trader deed and I am selling them together for a combined price of 50 silver.


Drop me a forum PM if you are interested.


Cheers for looking.

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