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For Sale: gems, sleep powder, spyglasses, sculpting wand

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UPDATE:  I will deliver to coastal areas of Exodus, southern Deliverance, northern Celebration, and MAYBE south west corner of Xanadu if you buy enough.  If you are willing to come to my deed for pickup I will be happy to discuss a discount!


For Sale: COD or pickup/delivery.  I'm on the East Coast of Exodus at Y22 (Toon Town).  In-game currency only please.

  1. Birchwood Sculpting Wand, 5ql - 15s
  2. Brass Spyglass, 70ql - 5s
  3. Brass Spyglass, 70ql - 5s
  4. 20 Sleep Powders - 1s each
  5. Star Emerald, 7.8ql - 3s
  6. Diamond, 54.98ql - 55c
  7. Four Emeralds, 20, 38, 44, 58 - 1.5s total
  8. Three Opals, 28, 41, 44 - 1s total
  9. Five Rubies, 1, 1, 25, 48, 50 - 1.5s total

If you buy all of the gems (excluding the star emerald) I'll throw in a 1ql Sapphire for free.  4.5s for all gems (excluding the star emerald).


In-game, please contact RicoPolo.

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