[Xanadu] Oceanview Estates looking for Finnish villagers!

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Oceanview Estates


Who are we?


•We are a small Finnish community with three (3) active members

•Our policy is democratic; we make decisions and work together for the deed

•We are all experienced and high skilled players, always to help each other on deed and in alliance

•We are a part of an alliance called The Dominion, which has also active members




What kind of deed are we talking about?


•Deed is located at D24, the very north-east corner of Xanadu

•Deed is currently scaled 26x59 tiles with 10x13 house plots, horse stables, farming area and district for visitors to stay

•The area we live on has a lot possibilities with flattened area, large mine, forest and alliance harbour right next to us

•Perfect fighting grounds with lots of different mobs around



Who are we looking for?


•No matter if you are a beginner or experienced player, all we wish is that you are:


►willing to develop your character,

►Finnish or you speak Finnish fluently,

►willing to have a good time in a wonderful game,

►participating on deed's different works we do together




What we can offer?


•House plot sized 10x13 tiles

•Fast horses for riding and dragging cart

•Farming area and grown vegetables to make meals

•Mine with several iron veins and lots of other materials

•Helpful and friendly community to help you out and spend good time with

•We can pick you up if you are on reachable distance ( between Glasshollow-Esteron)



How to contact?


•You can reach us via forum or in-game with the characters named:






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CainDarren is a great guy.. ( Swedol ) :D  

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We are still looking for Finnish players to join our village. No matter if you are newcomer to the game or experienced one, we still have plenty of opportunities to provide on our deed and area.

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