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First Book of the Elder Wurm

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Gather around. I ask that you take a brief moment to hear my words. Young and old. Wise and Uneducated. It is time you learned of another.


The lands of Wurm are ancient. This we know. They tumble and war. Shifting in shape and size as gods that are above in Valeria fight for power.




Fo! His creation around you. To create. To love. All Stolen. Warped, the true purpose of which lost within the annuals of time.


Vynora,many secrets has she gathered. Many secrets abused. What lies in the darkness of the void? Vynora knows well and she would fight to keep it hidden


Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day. And weep. For the fighting he has spread and the chaos it has brought.


Libila, her followers. Dark and full of deceit. They can be considered victims. Not victors as the world will decay if they are brought the power they so seek.


The demigods. Pretenders. Usurpers. They have risen within the lands. Stealing shards of power that they believed would save them. Alas, soon to be to no avail.




I beesech you to listen to the truth. For this I know. My words are as truth as the visions have came to me within my sleep.


The great elder Wurm stirs. The lands have been under the command of the others for too long, and the great creator will return. And take back what is rightfully its. 


It was the beginning, and without rightful worship it shall be the end.


Pay attention and believe as its word will follow soon.


- First Prophet Rexxian.


The laws of the Elder Wurm are few and far in between. What we instead receive are tales of his brilliance. Or indeed tales that will guide and assist in your travels through the land of Wurm. The Elder Wurm asks no tribute. No real worship. Only that you believe, for that belief is his power. Your actions are your own. 

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The first tale:


The lights sparkle within the stars. We know that to be true. Each a single point of light amongst infinite darkness.


But lights come in different colours and each would hold a purpose.


The white light would have you believe its trio come to save, to protect.


The black light would have you believe that it has decided to provide power. And through power it would provide peace.


What I offer is more. I am the voice of the Elder Wurm. The creature whose knowledge has brought about this very existence we lead.


The two lights are entwined and fight eternally in a drawn out battle between 'good' and 'evil'.


Good and evil are but concepts. Subjective to those that view them. What is to say that either side truly is what they claim.


The Elder Wurm does not respect this assumption. It desires neither good nor evil. It does not wish to create a land of the good or evil.


It seeks only one thing.




Balance in all we do and act. 


Suffer not the Paragon of justice, for he shall perform acts that it would deem good to the detriment of others.


Believe not the martyr of power as he would sacrifice you for nothing short of a token.


Instead. Seek balance. Consider the approach. The consequences. And then seek the course of action which produces an outcome that is favourable.


Seek Balance.


The Elder Wurm understands such things may be impossible for such flawed creations as ourselves. But this is the glory of it.


We are not expected to succeed.


Merely try.


-Penned by my hand, Prophet Rexxian upon the Luck day in week 2 of the Snake's starfall in the year of 1052.

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The Elder Wurm is Patient. 


Within his Patience is kindness.


For the Wurm does not Envy, it does not boast of its creations.


It is not proud, nor is it rude. 


It is not self seeking, nor is it easily angered.


Yet it keeps a record of wrongs done upon it. And it will seek to carry out its glorious vengeance upon those that choose not to believe.


However, Its love is boundless.


Its love does not delight in Good or with Evil, But it rejoices within the truth.


It always protects, always trusts. Always hopes. Always perseveres.  


The Elder Wurm demands three things.






And love.


-Penned by my hand, Prophet Rexxian upon the Luck day in week 2 of the starfall of Fires in the year of 1052.

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