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Trader for Auction [North Indy] 'Rogues Camp' [No reserve]

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Not sold, however if interested give me a PM and i'll sell it for a good price.


The size of Rogues Camp is 11 by 11.

The settlement has 7 silver, 21 copper and 60 iron in its coffers.

The upkeep will last approximately 202 days, 1 hours and 9 minutes more.

[13:11:57] This is within the village of Rogues Camp.

This settlement has acquired knowledge that increases the productivity bonus of its citizens by 1.5%.


Start: 20s

Bind: 1s

Buyout: 35s


It doesn't come with a mayor alt but can be provided for an extra fee. Mayor name is Scoundrel.

This is a wilderness deed with no immediate coastal access, its a great place to hunt though. Near a steppe.


Location 34x10y on the Indy Map.







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