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WTS or (WTT for gems) support beams, concrete, woad, etc

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Deliverable to any coastal area on freedom isles.

(although it may take me a while to get there.)

willing to trade for gems @ 1ql=1c (rounded up. 10.1ql = 11c)


150+ support beams 4c/beam(incomplete) 5c/beam(complete)   * reserved

   (partially complete with separate ribbon, 

    or completed while you wait, at location)


30 concrete 1c/each


1kg 100ql iron lump 10c (OBO)

7kg 98ql iron lump 50c

1kg 96ql iron lump 5c


30 30ql cheese 50i/each (OBO)


20 30ql sprouts 50i/each

   (no oak, thorn, or cedar)


10 30ql flowers 50i/each

   (orange-red, purple, yellow, white)


19 20ql woad 50i/each

12 40ql woad 1c/each

1 60ql woad 2c

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