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Planks disappeared after dropping into Large Crate

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We only lost 48x planks so it's not a big deal but I'm reporting this because no one (including me) has ever heard of this happening before.


- An alliance member in-game was on my deed creating planks for market stalls.

- He created 24x planks and dropped them into a large crate.

- He then created another 24x planks and dropped them into a large crate.

- When he opened up the large crate the maplewood planks were not there.

- The wood scraps, 44x birchwood planks, 24x willow planks and 8 small nails in the large crate remained intact.

- I had him check his inventory and he had no planks.

- I had him check his event log and it logged him as having created the planks.

- I double-checked the wagon and the large crate for planks but there were none.

- There are no other storage containers or piles of items around the area where the issue occurred that I can see.

- Afterwards, I pulled the crate to another tile to force the server to update the crate's position.

- We tested it by putting items in and pulling them out again and the large crate is working fine.


You can contact me via PM if you want my alliance member's name to contact him about this because it happened to him, not me.

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