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Did Rolf come up with WU by reading my village chat from last July?

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Rolf's been spyin on me i know it


Logging started 2015-07-04


[09:33:07] <Jock> if they ever release wurm on steam, i think they'd need to make more servers bc of the influx of players

[09:33:15] <Jock> like maybe multiple instances of the epic cluster or something

[09:33:25] <Jock> Epic US East, Epic US West, etc

[09:33:37] <Nio> possibly

[09:33:56] <Nio> i think you'd just end up with more player run servers faster, smaller scale

[09:34:13] <Nio> that woudl reset all the time and

[09:34:26] <Jock> wurms more of a community type thing tho

[09:34:26] <Nio> which could be pretty fun lol

[09:34:40] <Jock> like having a private server for just you and your friends would be cool

[09:34:43] <Jock> but restarting wouldnt be

[09:34:48] <Jock> id think you'd play it pretty permanently

[09:35:09] <Jock> and it would lose the whole aspect of shaping the world with the rest of the server and all

[09:35:12] <Nio> idk man imagine if you were hitting 90 stats ina week, resetting after a month or two would be ok i think

[09:35:13] <Jock> idk

[09:35:17] <Nio> bit like challenge

[09:35:26] <Jock> yea i guess if you could customize your server

[09:35:29] <Jock> like skill rates and stuff

[09:35:33] <Nio> yeah

[09:35:42] <Jock> wurm's more of an mmo tho i think

[09:36:10] <Nio> well maybe some bigger groups would run big servers like 500 man ones or something if they got the money

[09:36:55] <Nio> each server becomes a new map that you can sail between

[09:37:05] <Nio> fkn maze of interconnecting servers

[09:37:37] <Jock> yea the whole sailing to another server thing could be problematic maybe

[09:37:51] <Jock> especially if theyre hosted by different groups or something

[09:38:21] <Jock> like if MR clan hosted an mrh server, jk clan, bl clan, or w/e and they decided they wanted to make a pvp cluster

[09:38:21] <Nio> yeah would have to be official servers only or some with same configs shared db's and

[09:38:36] <Jock> like maybe they could make some way for server admins to conenct their servers

[09:38:51] <Jock> and they could make big complex clusters with lots of individual home servers hosted by separate pvp clans or something

[09:39:15] <Nio> yeah like guilds could host their own server and that becomes their home server

[09:39:23] <Nio> thsi idea is actually pretty sick lol

[09:39:36] <Nio> i'd like to see this happen one day

[09:40:03] <Jock> the whole looting and raiding aspect of wurm reminds me a lot of dayz or arma2 wasteland

[09:40:18] <Jock> but the whole host your own server thing and shape it how you want w/e is like minecraft sorta

[09:40:40] <Jock> theres potential in this but i doubt it would ever happen

[09:40:50] <Jock> would be a much different game but it could really cause it to blow up in popularity

[09:42:14] <Jock> drama and server admins wanting to disconnect from their cluster might be an issue

[09:42:31] <Jock> bc say theres 5 other servers connected east of jkh

[09:42:38] <Jock> and jkh doesnt want to be in the cluster anymore

[09:44:42] <Nio> hmm

[09:47:07] <Nio> what if we had like official servers ( ele, jk/mr/bl home servers) that players could have their home servers connect to if they pay like a gold but then make it

[09:47:34] <Nio> so the only way to disconnect that home server fromt he cluster is by disbanding it with like a 24hour timer like deeds have

[09:47:56] <Jock> but then they could grind and build everything up in complete safety

[09:47:58] <Jock> and then connect

[09:48:17] <Jock> like you should have to connect with a freshly generated map and new characters probably

[09:48:32] <Nio> well it'll be an offical server so settings will be the same as official servers so no difference in gains and

[09:48:41] <Jock> yeah but say they disconnect

[09:48:45] <Nio> ah sorry i mis read

[09:48:48] <Jock> play like freedom no risk of raiders for 2 years

[09:48:56] <Jock> everything is like dsc x 1000

[09:49:03] <Nio> players wil be able to go to their home server to raid it

[09:49:10] <Jock> if they disconnect tho

[09:49:12] <Nio> would kinda be liek epic now

[09:49:14] <Jock> then its just a lone server

[09:49:23] <Nio> not sure im following

[09:49:26] <Jock> like say while not connected to the cluster

[09:49:28] <Nio> disconnect?

[09:49:29] <Jock> they build everything

[09:49:37] <Jock> and then they connect

[09:49:47] <Nio> there wouldn't be a server until they have connected

[09:49:58] <Jock> and what happens when they disconnect from the cluster

[09:50:00] <Jock> server deleted?

[09:50:02] <Nio> ok i see what you mean

[09:50:23] <Nio> when they join, they get a randomly generated map like any new server

[09:50:32] <Nio> maybe they can have 3 and pick one them

[09:50:38] <Jock> so they cant attach their prebuilt map to it

[09:50:41] <Nio> no

[09:50:45] <Nio> that would suck lol

[09:50:54] <Jock> so if you ever disconnect, you cant connect to any cluster with that map ever again? or only the official one?

[09:51:24] <Jock> bc if they get sick of the official cluster and dont want to play there anymore, u either quit or disconnect from it

[09:51:31] <Nio> hmm maybe, what if when you disconnect it saves the map as of that moment

[09:51:37] <Nio> then if you ever want to reconnect

[09:51:42] <Nio> it uses that saved map

[09:51:42] <Jock> but then if u cant connect again with that map, theyre left to either play solo, or connect to maybe private custom clusters

[09:51:52] <Jock> good idea

[09:51:56] <Jock> what about the chatacters

[09:52:03] <Jock> rollback the stats to when they disconnected or what

[09:52:26] <Nio> maybe have an official skills db that onyl gains while on official servers

[09:52:34] <Jock> kk yea

[09:53:02] <Nio> now we just need to convince vale to buy rolf out

[09:53:06] <Jock> lol

[09:53:08] <Nio> valve*

[09:53:27] <Jock> kinda like rust how everyone has their own server with their own rates and stuff

[09:53:32] <Jock> like x8 harvest or w.e

[09:53:41] <Jock> people could have private wurm servers with like 20x like challenge

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I once pm'ed him and he was available!!! Am sure he was spying on someone :P

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I think he come up with WU when Notch sold mincraft for over 2 billion dollars 

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I'd be talking with a lawyer right now if I was you


What i mean is, shouldn't this sCRAP be moved to Wood Scraps?

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Nah it's been suggested over a million times, people have been begging for this since 2008. I honestly think this will do good for the game whether its here or WU. I feel like people who play WU will get bored with it and want to play the online version over here and get hooked, when they get tired of this they'll just ping pong between the two.

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Some say WU was first thought up by Leif Erickson but that is just rumor. This was first suggested by one of Christopher Columbus' crew members in 1492 who said, "Wouldn't it be cool to make a game that mimics what we are doing. Hey look. an island. LAND HO!"


The idea was further developed by the Englishman, Captain Cook. He 'discovered' the Hawaiian Islands and claimed that it made him wish this crap could be done in a virtual simulation so he wouldn't have to go sailing all over the globe looking for tiny little islands. 


The Lewis and Clark Expedition supposedly was checking out the Louisiana Purchase lands but what they were actually doing was testing Captain Cooks ideas for an exploration game. After much trouble they decided it was a viable idea so they started back to St. Louis with this information. They got turned around and ended up at the Pacific Ocean. Go figure.


This Swedish guy named Rolf came across Lewis and Clark's secret After Action Reports that they had put together during their 'exploration' of the Louisiana Territories and decided it might actually work as a game. So he made WURM Online. The rest, as they say, is history.

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