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Mol-Rehan, A History.

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“Wurm Online will be a community-centric fantasy

MMORPG fully developed in java.
Gameplay will be free at first, but when you wish to

develop your character beyond basic skills, you're going

to have to pay a monthly fee.

The world will have a real economy with a fixed pool of

money and resources, and almost all items in the world

will be created by other players.
When the game is first launched, it will pretty much just

only be a huge forest, and it will be up to the players to

build the towns and create the items needed for both

everyday use and more exotic practices.
Wurm Online will neither have levels nor hitpoints.

Instead, you have a set of skills that define your

character, and a list of any unhealed wounds the

character has.

Gameplay is expected to be very down to earth and

community-based for most players, with each town

serving as a small community.
Towns will also remain safe as long as the computer

controlled guards are alive. You won't be able to attack

other players or perform any other illegal activity inside

the town without first killing all the guards.
Outside the towns, however, you can do anything you

want, but performing illegal activities will lower your

status in the nearby villages.â€


                     Wurm Online Overview January 31st 2004






Why do we play Wurm? It is something different to

each of us, and different parts of it inspire each of us to

add to the whole.


I knew that Wurm Online was the game that I wanted to

play, even before I knew it existed.

A game where I could make my mark on the world

without being a master craftsman or top-tier fighter.

Running across a wooden post, flattened dirt and a

simple hand-cart told the story of the pioneer who had

arrived ahead of you.

This, and sights like these, made Wurm come to life.


In tranquil Golden Valley I watched new faces come and

go, homes and fenced farmland sprung up from felled

trees before their owners moved on and the land

returned to the forest.


I prowled through old abandoned deeds across

Independence, guessing at the purpose of long gone

structures and wondering about the people that had

moved on from those places.

When Deliverance opened, I moved there and lived as a

lonely hermit for a long time, watching new deeds rise

and fall.


I had heard of the Wild server and the idea of open

world player versus player combat intrigued me with

the stories it could inspire.

But looking at my collection of tools that I had created

from scratch, improving them up from nothing with no

skills had taken such a long time and I felt a sense of

achievement and attachment to them, I couldn’t bear

the thought of placing that at risk and having to do it all

again if some bandit decided they didn’t like the look of



For the first time I settled in a village on Deliverance,

coming to enjoy the company and industry that


And over time my interest in the ‘other’ side of Wurm

peaked again.

But I still felt that I could never compete or contribute

amongst the veterans of Wild, as outmatched in both

skills and gear as I was.


I decided that trying out the Epic servers would be my

best bet at getting a feel for this whole ‘PvP’ thing.

All my old gear would still be safe on freedom, my skill

gains would be faster, and if I didn’t like it I could always

just go back without any harm done to my character.


What was meant to be a short stay to test the waters

turned into several months before I realised it, partly

because of the history and dramatic events that

interested me, but mostly because of the very close

communities that where surprisingly welcoming.

I'd seen more suspicion, angst and outright hostility

towards strangers on Freedom than I've ever seen in

PvP and that included meeting enemy kingdoms.


After a long hiatus I returned to Wurm and decided to

finally join the long running Chaos server.

Where I began to collect and research any and all

information I could find to create this document.




I used as many sources of information as I could find,

but being as new to Chaos as I am all my information is

second hand at best.

The Wurmpedia was the obvious place to start my

search; Player stories, town histories, the revision

history of each page and some imagination to tie it all

together allowed me to put together a long and

detailed timeline that spanned 5000+ words in bullet

point form alone.

My next stop was the Wurm Forums; greatly detailed

and many of the most dramatic moments had several

threads to them.

But unfortunately I found that nothing before 2008

existed anymore because of a change in forums that

had happened around that time.

Thankfully use of the Way Back Time machine for

exploring archived webpages proved very helpful and I

was able to uncover old stories and screenshots from

before 2008.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a

video is worth a novel. I was surprised by the number of

YouTube channels hosting old recordings of Wurm.

Though some were less useful than others, they really

helped to set the mood and provide context for many of

the major events of Wurm’s history.




To cover the whole of Mol-Rehan history I needed to

have the context in which it was framed, to this end I

will follow the many stories , battles, raids and history

that led up to its creation.


But note that I'm writing this from an acknowledge

point of bias, as hinted by the title, towards a sort-of

faux nationalism for the sake of a story and a narrative

to follow.

And as a result it may contain a high concentration of

artistic license and an interpretive reading of past



If anyone feels that I’m not portraying events fairly or

even factually, I’m more than willing to listen to your

side of the story and make corrections and changes

where appropriate.




When can the kingdom of Mol-Rehan be truly said to

have begun?

By the lore of Wurm it is one of the oldest kingdoms,

founded by Johen King after the fall of the Ageless.

In reality the first implementation of the Mol-Rehan

kingdom takes place in 2008, long after the original

kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and the Horde of the

Summoned which appeared in 2005.


But can it be so separated from context and history that

came before it only to appear as a simple date on


I think not, indeed I believe Mol-Rehan was a natural

and organic formation emerging directly from the

histories that preceded it and now forever entwined

with history still to come.


And if that is true then it could even be said that the

kingdom of Mol-Rehan had already begun, in the

metaphorical sense, as far back as the year 2003.

Eventually culminating with those that would come to

form Libilian Outlawz.

Both famous and infamous, Liblian Outlawz in all its

incarnations held tremendous influence in shaping the

political landscape.


Until The Great Cataclysm of April 2007 that saw an

unrecoverable server crash, and all the progress of the

past lost.

Libilian Outlawz remained united and strong, re-

establishing themselves once again in new lands and

converting to the newly created kingdom of Mol-Rehan,

but later suffering a devastating blow after they were

caught up in a mass ban that struck many veteran



Severly weakened, Mol-Rehan fought for many months

to regain their foothold on the Wild server, eventually

finding their former glory before outside events once

again conspired to send them into decay.


But in time they recovered, and players both new and

old arrived in their numbers to the newly renamed

Chaos server, where the now Empire of Mol-Rehan

stands dominant.

Her full tale to be told in the coming chapters.


Next Chapter: The Horde and Hammerfell

Edited by Alden
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Must read, have had the pleasure of reading this, keep up the good work!

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Excellent read, thanks for posting - the LO age, and more specifically, the RD landbridge (near waterworks) era is widely considered the pinnacle of good pvp fun amongst the old timer Wilders.  Was a constant back and forth, good times for all, pvp 10 mins away at any time of day era.  The LO guys were great fun, and sorely missed.


Looking forward to your next installment.

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                                    Chapter One

                        The Horde and Hammerfell


Rolling hills of a dull green, low dark shrubbery, cows that

had a strangely human appearance and everywhere beige

wooden shacks littered the virtual world.



                       The view over Smiley Town, early Alpha 2003


These were the first days of Wurm Online.

Others might tell tales of such famous places as Newtown;

the very first town ever created in Wurm, founded by the

then developer Notch who would later go on to create


Or perhaps the town of Whosville, one of the most enduring

village names in all of Wurm.


But our tale begins elsewhere, with the formation of a group

known as The Horde.


The Horde was created as a roaming group of explorers,

modelling themselves after the noble Mongol Hordes, their

leader taking the title of Khan.

A nomadic group, they travelled all across the early maps, not

content to only enjoy the sites of some comfortable valley or

wooded hill.

The Horde became widely known for their travels, and picked

up many followers.

The transient existence meant they were ever at work either

moving, or crafting what they might need for the day.

Their skills increased accordingly and their community

became tightly knit while enduring the struggles of the

traveller’s road.




Around this time an offshoot group from the historic town of

Whosville created their own community in a narrow valley.

The town would be known as Pit, named after its mining


Pit however did not last long, despite living peacefully on the

server, they were ripped apart by some undocumented

internal turmoil that saw the town fracture into splinter


One such group would move on to form the town of





The Horde, growing day by day, found that the nomadic

lifestyle became more and more difficult as their population


Such a large group became sluggish and resource hungry, and

it was decided that The Horde should find lands to settle to

support their burgeoning population.


The town of Horde was founded in an isolated and thickly

forested hilly region.

And with their numbers and advanced skills the town grew

quickly, becoming perhaps the most industrious individual

town on the server.

A square barricade of tall stone walls protected the town, and

at the entrances tall wooden palisade gates kept out



With their establishment as a true settlement and the

management that required, the original creator and Khan of

The Horde found that they had less time for Wurm than they

had had in previous months.

And so, leadership of The Horde was handed over to a

trusted lieutenant and the original Khan departed from

Wurm for some time.




Horde continued to expand and grow under its new

leadership, attracting many new allies and recruits into its


Invariably all news and events occurring on the server are

tied back in some way to the activity of The Horde.

But some members of Horde grew bored with unblemished

success and the loss of challenge they felt after giving up their

nomadic ways.

The devil makes work for idle hands, and the reputation of

Horde began to take on a more sinister edge.




With the introduction of combat to Wurm, and player versus

player combat in particular, Horde sought to make a name for

themselves as great warriors.

But hunting wild beasts did not provide the challenge that

many sought.

Horde grew more ambitious and looked for greater

challenges and opportunities.



                                               Wurm Online Front Page, Beta 2004


Across the water from the centrally located Newtown lay the

settlement of Beachhead.


In their recent travels Horde had discovered a gold mine very

near to Beachhead, which Beachhead had claimed as their



Horde seized the opportunity to gain wealth, fame and

combat experience and openly declared war on the town of



Unprepared for the assault, the villagers of Beachhead fell

easily to the warriors of Horde and their mine was lost to


The villagers of Beachhead petitioned the Game Masters to

intervene and Notch himself answered them.

Notch demanded that the forces of Horde leave Beachhead

and give back control over the hard won gold mine.

The warriors of Horde could hardly defy one of the games

lead developers, but they had a plan to still see some benefit.

Horde had already opened negotiations on their own terms

with the mayor of Beachhead, promising him and his

villagers’ peace if he were to hand over control of the town to

Horde, a deal that the mayor of Beachhead willingly agreed

too and handed over the deed to the town.

And so the town of Beachhead came to be the first conquest

of Horde.


While all these actions were completely legal within the game

and supported by the mechanics of it, many felt that these

actions were bullying or even morally wrong.

It was only recently that Player versus Player combat had

even been implemented, and understandably the

implications of that were made apparent to Wurm’s more

peaceful populace by Horde’s actions.

Many realised that the game they had long been safe to toil

away in was changing and became fearful.

The closely allied towns of Dargaard and Asgard were

amongst the loudest to decry the warriors of Horde.

Others may have felt the same but did not speak up, perhaps

out of fear that they may turn themselves into targets for The

Horde’s wrath.


Notch returned to Beachhead, spurred by the uproar, drama

and learning of Horde’s deal that had undermined his order.

Notch used his privileges as a developer to forcefully remove

Hordes’ control of Beachhead and handed it over to one of

the still remaining villagers.

Notch then proclaimed that all fighting between Beachhead

and Horde should come to a complete stop, and that they

must share access to the gold mine that stood in the centre

of this conflict.


Horde agreed to honour Notch’s command and would never

launch another attack on the town of Beachhead or its

citizens again.

Instead Horde was determined to take advantage of their

shared access to the gold mine.

Organising a group of their best miners, Horde set out for

Beachheads mine and drained the entire vein within a 24

hour period.




As time wore on Horde found themselves the victims of bitter

rumours, though some were undoubtedly true, and they

came under threat of violence from the outraged populace

on the server.


Many who were known as villagers of Horde found

themselves routinely hunted and killed, not just by those they

may have transgressed against in the past but also by

newcomers and total strangers whom had listened to the

many rumours spread about them.


Though Horde was powerful and experienced in combat, they

could not defend themselves from a united population out to

get them.


In an effort to strengthen the borders of their own territory,

both physically and politically, Horde sought out nearby

towns to associate with.

One such town was that of Mirkwood, situated very close to

the recognised physical boundaries of Hordes territory.


The villagers of Mirkwood were not warriors like those of

Horde, they were however renowned as road builders.

Horde chose to establish its presence and reputation with the

villagers of Mirkwood through a series of small skirmishes

and then offered peace and protection so long as Mirkwood

maintained a policy of non-aggression and allowed free

movement for all members of Horde, while denying free

movement to others.

Mirkwood submitted to Horde and accepted the offer.



                                                               A pretty sunset, Beta 2004


But Horde’s expansionist ways only built up greater hatred

amongst those that openly called themselves enemies of the


Once again the allied towns of Dargaard and Asgard spoke

out against the Horde’s actions.

This time they were joined by voices from the town of

Hammerfell, by that time Hammerfell was considered one of

the most powerful and industrious individual towns on the

server after perhaps Horde and the neutral town of Mist.


Dargaard and Asgard made an open declaration of war

against all the villagers of Horde and any considered their

allies and friends.

This alone was not cause for fear amongst the town of Horde,

but there was a concern should the town of Hammerfell join

this call to war Horde would not be able to hold their own

against so many.


Seeking to undermine their enemy’s alliance, the leadership

of Horde made contact with Hammerfell and brokered an

alliance of their own.

Horde argued that as the two most powerful towns on the

server few would be able to stand against them as enemies,

united they could do as they pleased and become incredibly



Partly out of greed and partly out of the fear of becoming the

single target of Horde’s wrath, Hammerfell’s leadership

agreed to the alliance, despite the protestations of it



It wasn’t enough however to accept this alliance at face

value, Hammerfell’s assurances and loyalty needed to be

tested in the field.

And Horde knew the opportune target to test the convictions

of Hammerfell.




Asgard was a popular town on the server, and though smaller

than Hammerfell they both occupied the same spit of land.

Their proximity had created something of a bond between

them, one that needed to be shattered.


Horde tasked Hammerfell with the destruction of Asgard,

sending three of Horde’s most experienced fighters to assist

in directing Hammerfell’s forces in the attack.

With only a short distance to cover, many in Hammerfell

were able to attend, and any who fell in battle could re-join

the fight in minutes.

The warriors of Horde were not as lucky, having travelled a

significant distance to assist the Hammerfell army, they

would need to be more attentive to their surroundings and

the flow of the battle.


The walls of Asgard were breached, its villagers crushed

under the combined might of Horde and Hammerfell and the

looting of the town began all the while beset by the ever

returning defenders of Asgard.


Until a sudden betrayal.


Whether the result of a missed target, opportunity for

vengeance of past slights or cunningly planned treachery the

Horde forces found themselves under attack by both Asgard

and Hammerfell.

The Horde warriors were by far the fiercest on the battlefield,

but greatly outnumbered and facing endless respawns from

both nearby towns they could not hope to hold out.


Overrun the Horde’s force was lost and all they had been able

to loot, along with the equipment they carried with them was

redistributed amongst Hammerfell and Asgard.


Whether it was planned treachery or not, the towns of

Hammerfell, Dargaard and Asgard had now formed an

alliance, created with the sole purpose of destroying Horde

and her allies and removing them from the game forever.


This alliance pooled their resources and founded the new

town of Triton to better make war on the Horde.

Calling themselves the Empire of Triton.


And so began what would be later known as the long war, a

war between the two dominant factions on the server that

would span many months

Old rivalries and new alliances would spill over into the new

maps, and would come to shape the politics of the game long

into the future.


Next Chapter: The Long War



And the long-time veterans who were able to correct my details and fill the gaps in my gathered knowledge.

Thank you :)

Edited by Alden
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Myself and the rest of my kingdom (Empire of Mol Rehan) have had the privileged of seeing Alden put these together. Truly amazing reads. Its impressive how much history and lore Wurm has to it.

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We all know games have background stories and history, but what makes this one so amazing is that players created it with their actions! I'm looking forward to reading the new chapter :D

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Looking forward to future instalments, particularly around the time of Mol Rehan's implementation as a kingdom in 2008.

I notice that you have made the suggestion that Libilian Outlawz was a big part in founding Mol Rehan. I lived in Libilian Outlawz for a few years, for a brief spell in 2006, and again from 2007 - 2008 when Mol-Rehan was implemented.

Being around at that time, and speaking from direct, first hand experience, I have to say that Libilian Outlawz really didn't want to become Mol-Rehan. I was a part of Horde of the Summoned when Mol Rehan was announced, living in LO with close friends in Shadow Requiem, a village very near LO. I proposed to those friends that we leave to join the new Mol-Rehan kingdom and set up our own village (Camelot).

Both Libilian Outlawz and Shadow Requiem were very unhappy about this decision, calling us traitors and everything else for leaving to join the new kingdom. Eventually, after LO became a part of Mol-Rehan (which I found quite ironic considering they labeled the first citizens of Mol-Rehan traitors) I moved my village back to the old Shadow Requiem site to be closer to PvP. LO still called us traitors for leaving to join Mol-Rehan and griefed us so much that we had to convert to Jenn-Kellon and join Kyara,

Honestly the true pioneers of Mol-Rehan were Whosville and other villages which set up in the initial wave including Woodscove. Libilian Outlawz was either opportunistic conversion or forced conversion but either way they had no interest in pioneering the new kingdom per se. It is however undeniable that they were a big part of Mol-Rehan's strength once they (reluctantly) joined.

For reference this part of my own personal history in Wurm (and history up until Epic was released) can be found here.

Edited by Wossoo
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Thanks Wossoo,


That's one of the major reasons I love Wurm, the dynamic player made history.


The other reason is the odd things you find when looking back over that history.



:P  :P  :P

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                               Chapter Two

                              The Long War


The opening of the long war was a brutal one.

The combined forces of Triton and the town of Horde

squared off in daily skirmishing across the server.

The limits of the player combat system were tested, glitches

and exploits were uncovered, and in their desperation many

were used to best enemies on both sides.


But even with the use of every available resource, the war

between the Empire of Triton and Horde had turned to

stalemate, with neither able to remove the other.



                               A typical fortified town gate, Approx. 2005


As a means to prevent the exploitation of combat mechanics

but without resorting to placing a flat ban on all PvP combat,

Rolf stepped in and declared that any PvP combat should be

by consent only until the issues with glitches and exploits had

been sorted out.




The announcement came as a great relief to the town of

Horde, although they were possibly the most skilled and

experienced fighters on the server, they did not have nearly

the same industrial capacity as the joined forces of

Hammerfell, Dargaard, Asgard and their lesser allies.


The coffers and armouries of Horde had been drained by the

sustained struggle, now would be the time to make use of the

break in conflict to rebuild and rearm for the time when war


Likewise the Triton alliance would do much the same,

returning to peaceful ways and focusing their attention on

crafting and construction.


But there was one exception among them; the town of

Hammerfell, still bitter over past defeats, was out for revenge

against Horde.


The break in conflict had meant that everyone's guard was

lowered as they shifted away from the fighting that had

plagued them, but the actual combat mechanics had not

been disabled.

Hammerfell launched a secret raid on the town of Horde,

catching them completely off guard and unprepared to

defend themselves.


The town of Horde was devastated by the underhanded

attack, the members of Horde sought help from the Game

Masters and Developers to have their stolen possessions

returned and the perpetrators punished for their actions

which had ignored the mandate set by Rolf.

But the town of Horde was ignored and no actions were

taken against the offenders in Hammerfell, who continued to

gloat over what they had done.

Horde was furious that such flagrant rule breaking could be

allowed, and felt that they had been abandoned by those

who were supposed to help and protect them from such



Seeing that no rules were being enforced and rule breakers

were going unpunished, the town of Horde decided to launch

its own secret raid against the town of Hammerfell.


Warriors of Horde marched on Hammerfell, in the best gear

they yet had available to them after they had been pillaged,

and upon breaching the outer walls they cut down what few

defenders occupied the town.

One by one the walls of Hammerfallian homes were broken

down, and Horde reclaimed their stolen arsenal house by



The defenders of Hammerfell grew in number, rushing out to

die in waves against the iron wall that was the army of Horde,

and with each wave Horde regained more of its lost armoury

growing ever stronger.


Horde was determined to teach Hammerfell a lesson for their

crimes, and did so relentlessly.

Until the arrival of Notch, answering the calls of Hammerfell's

members who complained that Horde and broken the PvP

mandate set by Rolf.


Leaders of both Horde and Hammerfell were suspended from

the game for a time, for engaging in PvP combat without


Although Horde argued that Hammerfell had given consent to

fight by being the first to break the mandate, neither were

spared from the repercussions.



                          A foggy shore, Wurm Online front page 2004


After a time the various exploits and glitches had been fixed,

and the rules of PvP combat had returned to normal.




Hammerfell was still reeling from the vicious blow they had

been dealt by the Hordes' vengeance.

Horde used this opportunity to broker a peace agreement

with Hammerfell.

The agreement stated that Horde would not attack

Hammerfell or its villagers so long as Hammerfell’s own

villagers did not attack Horde or assist the enemies of Horde

in any way.

Under no position to object Hammerfell agreed to the terms,

effectively dissolving the Triton alliance and leaving the lesser

towns of Dargaard and Asgard without their largest ally.


The town of Horde was practically unopposed now on the

server, their diplomatic victory had allowed them to extend

their rule to every corner of the land.

Towns that opposed them would be attacked and loot

extracted as payment, the town of Horde growing to become

the strongest it had ever been.


Over time the army of Hammerfell rebuilt itself but still

feared breaking the treaty set by Horde.

Frustrated by their inability to oppose Horde, the villagers of

Hammerfell plotted other ways in which they might see

Horde’s undoing.

They launched a multitude of plans to both spread

propaganda and to taunt Horde into breaking their own

treaty, hoping to further damage their reputation and

encourage others to rise up.


Hammerfells army shadowed the forces of Horde where they

found opposing towns, hoping that Horde would feel

threatened and attack Hammerfell’s forces in a pre-emptive


But Horde held itself in check and left the army of

Hammerfell standing around looking impotent.


The town of Mirkwood had long held a non-aggression pact

with Horde, and many considered them a de facto ally in

everything but name.


And this made Mirkwood as much of a target for Horde’s

enemies as the town of Horde itself.

The mayor of Mirkwood came under continued political

pressure from outside forces, such as Hammerfell, believing

that Mirkwood could be the key to finally taking down Horde.


But the constant squabbling caused the mayor of Mirkwood

to depart from Wurm, handing over his mayorship to


Under new leadership Mirkwood distanced itself from petty

politics and reaffirmed its previous arrangements with Horde.


But regardless Horde turned on Mirkwood, perhaps

motivated by the distrust that Hammerfell had sown or

simply lacking patience for diplomacy.


Horde attacked and razed the town of Mirkwood, only

relenting under the offer of installing someone more loyal

and under the direct control of Horde as the new mayor of




                  An unknown town, Wurm Online front page 2005


In their continued efforts at espionage and politics, members

of Hammerfell contacted the original founder and Khan of the

Horde who had been recently made a Game Master for his

contributions to the community.

Hammerfell pleaded with him to take back the reins of Horde

and turn them away from the path they were taking.

The original Khan agreed, not happy himself with the

reputation they had built for themselves as a ruthless and

ambitious imperial power, feeling that it did not fit with his

original intentions for the Horde.

Meeting with the Horde’s council he petitioned them to take

him back as their leader.

Horde agreed to open up the decision to a democratic vote,

but in the end the original Khan gained no votes from the

council and left Horde unchanged.


With their latest ploy undone, Hammerfell's efforts became

more and more desperate.

Hammerfell contacted those towns who would vocally

oppose Horde, hiding their own members amongst the

town’s populace.

Once Horde had been antagonised and retaliated against the

offending town, Hammefell pointed out its villagers who had

been amongst those killed, claiming they were only there to

visit and trade.

But Horde counted them as accidents of war and proclaimed

the peace treaty still in effect.


Horde became increasingly aware of Hammerfell's attempts

to break their treaty, and with each passing day as

Hammerfell grew in strength, Horde began to fear that

Hammerfell would soon break the treaty of their own accord

and at a time and place of their choosing.


Already a witness to such betrayals from Hammerfell in the

past, it was decided that Horde would not simply wait to give

Hammerfell the advantage of another surprise attack.

The warriors of Horde marched on Hammerfell as they had

done several times in the past, the defenders were crushed

and the town razed to the ground.

Reinforcements from the towns of Dargaard and Asgard

attempted to come to Hammerfell's rescue but they were

thwarted by the Mist Army, a secret ally of Horde.


The town of Mist had been another of the great powers on

the server, but had always displayed a public image of


At the time of the outbreak of the long war and the forming

of the Empire of Triton, Horde had publicly managed to

secure a non-aggression pact with Mist to ensure the battle

would only be between Horde and Triton.

But in secret they had plotted an alliance that would later

come to fruition.


Together the armies of Mist and Horde proceeded to destroy

the towns of Hammerfell, Dargaard and Asgard in a single


Those towns would never rise again on that map, and a few

days later the map itself was reset for the introduction of



Next Chapter: The First Kings



Edited by Alden
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This thread has been an amazing read thank you so much. It was captivating from the very beginning right up to the end. I really strongly believe this story should be published on the main wurm online website. Its fascinating to read and very exciting. I don't want to stop reading but ive run out! haha. Keep writing, your doing fantastic!

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Although i "tried" the game back in '03 until '10, it was too buggy for me and my crap pc at the time.

So I never got into the politics and lore of the game itself. I took part in some events where the devs would random spawn hundreds of spiders and such on towns. But again, never saw this type of thing going on due to reasons previously stated.


At that, this article, all of them here, are very well written, and very informative. I can feel the battles, and see what the villages felt during those times. That feeling of uncertainty, the need to act.

Thank you so much for bringing me to date on this and for the time and effort taken to research and write all of this.

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                                   Chapter Three

                                  The First Kings


The latest Beta Map reset made way for the introduction of

Kingdoms into Wurm.

Namely the kingdoms of Jenn-Kellon and Horde of the




     The Whitelight at a distance, Date Unknown, by Levedara


Jenn-Kellon (JK) was the Whitelight kingdom, following the

White Light Pantheon of Magranon, Fo and Vynora.

Every player that joined the game was by default a member

of the Jenn-Kellon kingdom.


Horde of the Summoned (HOTS) was the Blacklight kingdom,

following the dark goddess of Libila.

Based on the perceptions and actions of the old town of

Horde in previous maps, HOTS was themed as the ‘Evil’

counterpart to the ‘Heroic’ JK.


The original Khan and founder of the Horde, and current

Game Master, was appointed as the official leader of HOTS

on the new server.

Perhaps in the hope of having greater sway and control over

the actions of an ‘evil’ kingdom, and trying to avoid repeating

some of the mistakes of the past.




Life as a Blacklighter was incredibly harsh under the

mechanics of the new kingdoms.

The Whitelighter capital of Newtown, where all new players

spawned, was located quite centrally on the server.

But the HOTS capital, as founded by the developers, was

located on a small distant island at the very edge of the map.

In addition to the pains of having to cross half the server to

reach their new capital, the Blacklighters found that the

desolate island where it was founded contained a very sparse

forest for wood and no ore whatsoever for mining and crafting.


With such a lack of resources, and a miniscule population the

industry of HOTS was abysmal.

Every resource had to be imported by hand, no ships yet

existed that could move them across water in bulk.

And they would forever be outnumbered by at least 10 to 1

against the populous Jenn-Kellon, with every recruit needing

to be persuaded away from that default Whitelight Kingdom

to join a struggling Horde of the Summoned.


Every day was an uphill battle, and as if HOTS didn’t have

enough trouble, now they were hunted by sight.


Gone were the days when your reputation and name were

important, all Blacklighters now had a visually dark

appearance to distinguish them from the Whitelighters, and

this made them an instant target of aggression for JK.

Regardless of past deeds or actions, veterans and new players

alike in HOTS were hunted down and killed with impunity.

Travelling, exploring, trading, all were now barred to the

Blacklighters by the risk of death and looting.




But not all was cause for doom and gloom, the kingdom of

HOTS still held an advantage over JK.

The average Blacklighter was greatly outnumbered and under

more threat than their Whitelighter counterparts who could

life in relative peace considering how much of the map they


But this brought the Blacklighters together with focus and

purpose unlike the scattered and directionless Jenn-Kellons.


The rivalry between the old towns of Horde and Hammerfell

continued into the new map.

The Horde re-established themselves under the banners of

HOTS with their closely allied brethren in the town of Mist.

Previous citizens of Hammerfell refounded their settlement

as the Whitelighter town of Highlands.

And skirmishing broke out between the two factions.


The citizens of Highlands later learned of a planned siege by

the combined forces of HOTS, Horde and Mist, reminiscent of

the force that had destroyed Hammerfell on the previous

map just before the reset.

Highlands opted for the diplomatic route, instead of choosing

to face them in battle, and petitioned the Blacklight leader to

allow themselves to convert to the Blacklight Kingdom.

Although not everyone in Highlands agreed with the decision,

they were accepted and became a strong and valued addition

to HOTS.




HOTS grew from strength to strength, despite the limitations

and obstacles that stood in their way.

The forces of JK still outnumbered HOTS by 10 to 1, but JK

was dispersed and scattered across the server with no central

leadership and goals.

Each Whitelight settlement pursuing its own agenda in

isolation from the rest.


With the introduction of the home server, a place made safe

from warfare and loss, Jenn-Kellon lost much of its industrial

capacity as the more peacefully inclined players opted to

move there.

Leaving behind the wildlands and all its troubles.


Then came the introduction of the new reputation system.

Any players that stole from or killed members of their own

kingdom lost points towards their reputation.

And when their reputation was low enough, the player was

automatically converted to HOTS.

This did in effect bolster the inferior numbers for the

Blacklight Kingdom, but at a great cost.

Those that were converted did not do so because the wanted

to be a part of HOTS, they were simply out for their own gain

and in all practical senses provided no benefit to the kingdom.

Now that the infamous killers and thieves on the server were

automatically being converted, the relationship between JK

and HOTS was changing.

Where before the Blacklighters were disliked and singled out,

now they were hated.

The converting of killers and thieves to HOTS, made it appear

to JK that all Blacklighters were killers and thieves, deserving

of no mercy.

The resentment that those in JK felt against converted

criminals had been ushered unto HOTS.


No longer was JK scattered and goalless, the mighty beast

that had lain dormant was awakened.

An alliance amongst the Whitelighter veterans was created,

The Coalition of White Light Defense.

This alliance had only one aim, the complete and utter

destruction of all HOTS forces and towns across the server.



                       The Whitelight, Wurm Online Front Page 2005


Those whom had claimed themselves victims of griefing and

harassment in past maps, became the perpetrators in this

new one.

Peaceful players who had joined HOTS for a change of pace

and perspective in Wurm were hunted off the server in the

name of Jenn-Kellon vengeance.


This great loss of manpower affected HOTS’s ability to

produce the supplies necessary to defend a kingdom.

In turn making it more and more difficult to hold back the

unrelenting server wide assault.


Many in HOTS left the game, not wishing to deal with such

unbridled aggression.

Some converted back to JK for safety, still wishing to play the

game they enjoyed.

Those who remained were forced into hiding, living amongst

mountain peaks and other hard to reach places and keeping a

low profile, hoping for an opportunity to rise again.


But that opportunity did not arrive, not at least until the next

map reset.

Until then HOTS was a non-entity on the server, and the

armies of JK disbanded to live out their days in stagnating





When the next map reset did occur, the Blacklighter forces

were ready to stake their claim once again.

The forces of JK, living in such peaceful squalor, had forgotten

the events of the past map and the old reputation of HOTS.

Allowing themselves to revert to their old scattered ways,

giving HOTS the chance to rebuild almost uncontested.


Hidden amongst thickly forested hills, the Blacklight town of

Angmar was founded.

A secret fortress where HOTS could make their plans and war



Later the Blacklight town of Devil’s Peak was founded.

Former Whitelighters that had become bored with the ways

of JK converted and made Devil’s Peak their new home.

Hoping for blood and battle, an alliance was made with the

fortress of Angmar.

And together the two towns made several successful raids

against smaller settlements of JK, all the while slowly building

up their strength and their arsenal.


With the addition of a new pool of spells and the introduction

of the tainted mycelium tile, which provides multiple benefits

to Blacklighters, the scales were closer to being even.


The alliance of Angmar and Devil’s Peak organised raids

against larger and larger JK settlements.

Wearing the sturdiest armour and sharpest weapons, the

warriors of HOTS had begun to regain their lost reputation as

the fiercest combatants on the server.


Around this time the new Blacklight town of Libilian Outlawz

(LO) was created.

Founded near the old town of Angmar, LO would come to

play a huge role in the later history of Mol-Rehan.



                                       The old Libilian Outlawz, Wurmpedia


Despite its earlier successes, the town of Angmar found itself

in decline as players naturally come and go from the game.

Angmar consolidated its forces and merged with their close

ally of Devil’s Peak.


LO grew more and more mighty, following in the footsteps of

past Blacklighter towns they had come to attain a powerful

position on the server in quite a short space of time.

Even with a small number of veterans, such as they had, the

wholly more substantial forces of JK were handed defeat

after defeat.


The town of Devil’s Peak began to see less and less activity

from its own members.

Suffering the same fate as Angmar, those still active amongst

Devil’s Peak moved on to join LO ,the rising stars in HOTS, and

left their old town to recede into history.




Near this time, a large group of players from the

SomethingAwful forums arrived in Wurm.

The SomethingAwful Goons, as they like to be called, are well

known across many spheres in the online gaming community.

Not always for the right reasons however.

The Goons settled under the Whitelight kingdom but their

reputation, whether deserved or not, preceded them.


The Goons were all entirely new to the game, and struggled

to keep their numbers fed, let alone clothed and armed for



They came under the constant harassment and griefing of JK

as some sort of pre-emptive strike against the dreaded Goon


As rumours and accusations against the Goons grew, so did

the efforts by JK to remove them from the game.

Day and night they found themselves the targets of theft,

attacks and griefing.

Culminating in a massed force of JK trying to make one

final push against them.


The forces of HOTS, remembering when the last JK moral

outrage had pushed their own kingdom off the server

entirely, came to the assistance of the Goons.


Although unsuccessful in leading them to victory, the Goons

greatly appreciated the efforts that HOTS had made to

protect them.

Goons converted to HOTS in massive numbers, and founded

the town of Goondor in the mountains near old Angmar.


Utilising their large numbers, the town of Goondor soon

became an economic powerhouse, increasing the industrial

capacity of HOTS by huge margins.


With the help of the Goons and the veterans of many other

Blacklighter towns, the new town of The Valley of Cursed

Souls was founded.




Together the combined strength of Liblian Outlawz and The

Valley of Cursed souls dominated the map, routing all that

stood against them.

Pushing deeply into JK territory and even besieging the

Whitelight itself.


HOTS had reversed its fortunes, and held its position of

dominance until the very end of the Beta Maps.


Next Chapter: A Golden Age



Edited by Alden
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The goons were hilarious. Back then Wurm had like 30-40 people online at peak, or maybe less. Then the Goons came and it was a massive influx compared to what we were used to. I tried to join to spy on them, creating a new account for it. They kept killing me, but eventually one of them asked me their "safety question", to confirm whether I was one of them. It was: 'does your house have stairs?'

The funny thing is, I can't remember whether yes or no was the correct answer. It is funny to think that no Wurm houses had stairs for another 7 or 8 years after that safety question was asked though!

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Probably one of few things I actually finished reading on this forum.

Very intriguing and well written. 


Keep going!

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Loving this please write more :)

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Another few great episodes. I remember when I first joined Wurm I actually searched for stuff like this so I could get more into the atmosphere and history of the game.


I would love to read something similar from a JK and other kingdoms perspective as well.



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Again an awesome read. You are such a great writer! You really should get this book published when its finished. Can't wait to read more :)

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LO stuff..



as far as i know at the time and this might have been an outsider perspective of what LO wanted others to think, they joined because they wanted the white light priest gods and all those benefits. Atleast that is what I was told from LO when they went MR and I did also.

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                                         Chapter Four

                                        A Golden Age


Once again the server maps received a reset, and on June 6th

2006 Wurm went Gold.

The new maps, referred to as Gold and later as Gold 1, played

host to many of the same groups and towns as the previous



Some chose a life of daring and adventure on the Wild server,

such as; Tiergarden, West Haven, Independent Settlers,

Syphilis, Libilian Outlawz and Dark Citadel, to mention a few

famous names.

Each of them marking pockets of civilisation across the


Others chose a life of peace and contentment on the safe

Home server, such as; Whosville, Newtown, Sparta, Kyara,

Hammerfell, Rockcliff, Lionhead and many others.




The town of Tiergarden was a Whitelight settlement, located

on a northern most island of Wild, very near to the Whitelight


Even in the early days it was known as a well-established

town, founded in an area rich with resources and with a

burgeoning population attracted by its success.


As the town grew, it expanded by founding outpost towns on

its perimeter.

These towns served to claim resources just beyond the

primary town and to act as a defensive buffer should the

town ever come under attack.


The Tiergarden Iron Outpost was founded over the iron veins

that gave it its name, and later zinc veins were found there as


The Tiergarden Outpost Two was founded over the nearby

clay patch, and by fortunate chance they discovered gold

veins there.


As prosperous as this made them, this was not their most

valuable resource.


On a nearby island, known is the White Dragon Isle, there

resided of course the White Dragon.

The dragon eggs it laid were incredibly valuable, as they had

the chance of creating a new dragon once it had hatched.

These hatchlings could then be harvested for their hides to

make powerful armour.

The citizens of Tiergarden protected this land fiercely,

collecting the dragon’s eggs and secreting them away in

hidden vaults and birthing pens.

But their monopoly would not run unchallenged.



                       The White Dragon of Tiergarden, Wurmpedia


The Blacklighter town of Syphilis would make the first major

act of inter-kingdom warfare on the new map.

An action that would mark battle lines and test alliances in

the days to come.


Guessing that the location of the dragon eggs must be inside

the fortified town of Tiergarden, the mayor of Syphilis led an

expedition accompanied by four veteran warriors in an

attempt to uncover their secret hiding place and capture

them for HOTS.


It would be a dangerous mission, moving far north and

penetrating deeply into JK territory they would be cut off

from any reinforcements and retreat would likely be

extremely difficult.

Success would require swift and sudden action to catch the

Whitelighters off guard and make it out alive.


On July 12th 2006, arriving at Tiergarden they found one lone

defender supported by several town guard NPC’s.

The guards were quickly dealt with and the HOTS force began

their assault on the gatehouse into Tiergarden proper.

The lone defender gathered up what valuables he could and

moved them to one of the outposts on Tiergarden’s


Making several trips, a great number of treasures were

locked away in chests in the secured mines below the



Meanwhile the HOTS force had spent a great deal of time

inside Tiergarden searching for both loot and the fabled

dragon eggs amongst the emptied homes, fighting off many

successive waves of respawning guards.

Realising that the lone defender must have moved any loot

into one of the outposts, the Blacklighters began a fresh

assault on the outpost the lone defender now sheltered in.


Fighting their way through the outpost guards, the

Blacklighters had begun to take down the gatehouse when a

force of Whitelight reinforcements arrived.

The alliance of Greater Havens took up a position within the

town of Tiergarden.

The Whitelighters outnumbered HOTS 2 to 1, and were

assisted by ever respawning town guards.

Now trapped between the Outpost and the reinforced town

of Tiergarden, the invaders from Syphilis found themselves in

a dire situation.

In the skirmishing that followed, the Blacklighters lost one of

their number, now reduced to a force of only four.


In a final rush, they ploughed into the Whitelighter

reinforcements and town guards alike.

Even outnumbered they killed many of the defenders, but

those same defenders were able to respawn inside

Tiergarden and pick up fresh weapons.


Eventually those members of HOTS found themselves

trapped and whittled away.

With only one of their number, their leader, escaping the

confines of Tiergarden later to be slain before he could reach

safe territory.


Although the raid had been a loss, the forces of HOTS had

shown their strength against superior numbers in the very

heart of hostile territory.


But bolstered by their victorious defense of Tiergarden, the

forces of Jenn-Kellon would make efforts to bring the fight to

the Blacklighters.




Dark Citadel was a relatively young town on the server.

They had few members at the time and did not have the

manpower or opportunity yet to construct the trenches,

thorn moats and tall stone walls that protected established


They relied on their proximity to the Blacklight in the distant

south and their distance from Whitelight territory for now as

a deterrent from raiders.


But it wasn’t enough.


A little over a week after the previous incident, on July 23rd

2006, the residents of Tiergarden accompanied by

Whitelighter reinforcements from the home server town of

Hammerfell and others made a retaliatory raid against the

town of Dark Citadel.


With a large force of 20 warriors, the Whitelighters

outnumbered the crafters and builders of Dark Citadel 4 to 1.


There was little those defenders could do, but leave the

Whitelighers to ransack the town, hoping that they wouldn’t

be hunted down with what little goods they could carry to



And with the destruction of Dark Citadel a wave of pride

would spread through Jenn Kellon.

Inspired by the defense of Tiergarden, the raid on DC and a

number of other successful skirmishes.

They found themselves with many eager new recruits looking

to take part in the next looting.


Dark Citadel would later be rebuilt and made stronger, never

forgetting the wrongs that had been done to them.




The Blacklight fortified town of Syphilis was hidden in a

thickly forested valley.

The taint of mycelium gave the forest a haunting appearance,

befitting a fortress of HOTS.

Deep thorn filled trenches stood in advance of tall stone walls

and the dark guard tower at the towns centre.

Only a single raised section of dirt acted as a landbridge over

the trench, leading to the gatehouse of Syphilis.


The leadership of Jenn-Kellon sought revenge against those

who had made the original raid on the town of Tiergarden.

Sounding the call far and wide for warriors to join their cause.

They came from all over, not just villages on the Wild server

but from the Home server as well; Hammerfell, Kyara,

Greater Havens, Climax and many others, possibly the largest

force that JK had ever assembled.

Slowly they began to arrive at the predetermined marshalling

point, the Whitelight in the north.

Each warrior of JK bringing with them tamed bears to assist in

the fighting, effectively doubling their numbers.


But such a large force all moving to one location was bound

to be noticed.


When the Whitelight Army finally started their march

southward, it was easy to guess the target of their aggression.

The forces of Syphilis, aided by Dark Citadel out for revenge,

began the preparations for the siege to come.


The long march of the Whitelighters was hindered by many

not knowing the way and lagging behind.

Not moving as a single group, but as a long meandering line

through the wilderness.


When they finally did arrive, they found the forces of Syphilis

and Dark Citadel ready to greet them.

The Blacklighters only stood at half the number, but these

odds were much better than the last JK victory over an

undefended town.



                                     Outside the gates of Syphilis, by Adoll


JK made a charge against the single gatehouse into the town.

The Blacklighters sallied out against the invaders, striking and

retreating over the narrow causeway of Syphilis.

Again and again they struck, the Whitelighters found progress

against the gatehouse too slow and frustrated by the tenacity

of HOTS pulled back and began the construction of a catapult

to deny the Blacklighters the advantage of their gatehouse.


At the time however, catapults were not effective tools for

destroying structures, and the attempt was soon abandoned

in favour of facing the gatehouse up close once more.


The skirmishing continued, but it was only enough to slow the

advance of the invaders.

Eventually they broke through the first gatehouse and into

the town.


Now only the second gatehouse held the JK Army back from

the destruction of Syphilis.

Suicide attacks and gatehopping would only serve to slow

their inevitable fate, something more drastic needed to be



In the thick of the fray outside the second gatehouse, the two

commanders leading the JK raid suddenly found that the

second gatehouse was unlocked.

Both charging in, they ordered their force to follow them, but

just as quickly the gatehouse had been relocked.


The two members of JK leading the raid now found

themselves isolated and trapped, they were set upon and

quickly killed by the defenders of Syphilis.


Now without a focused leadership and a drop in moral the JK

army faltered.

Many thought the battle had turned, and fled back to the

safety of their own territory, not expecting to find such a

strong resistance from HOTS.


Those who stayed press on the attack and eventually did

break through the second gatehouse.

But now the forces of JK were stretched too thin, the

Blacklighters made a counter charge from the breach in the

walls and the once proud JK army found themselves



The Whitelighters fled into the wilderness, some were run

down, others died to wild animals, and only a few made it

home safely.


The Blacklight defenders celebrated their victory against the

largest force ever assembled against them, finding loot piles

in the nearby forest for days afterwards.


JK was reeling from such a massive defeat that many

assumed could not possibly happen.


With the Whitelighter moral at an all-time low, HOTS pushed

their advantage.




The town of Kyara has a long and proud heritage as a

Whitelight settlement.

Its first founding occurred during the 6th Beta map and it has

been reformed and refounded in every map after.


During the Gold map Kyara had been founded on the home

server, away from the fighting and conflict.

But they were not apart from it, Kyara assisted their

Whitelight allies on Wild with the occasional manpower they

could muster, and acting as a recruiting station for the war


But in October of 2006 they made the move to assist more


Constructing the fortress of Merkamanost on Wild.


Much time and resources were invested into its construction.

In time, Merkamanost would become one of the most

formidable fortresses on Wild.

A steeply sided moat marked the perimeter of the town,

grown thorn bushes threatening anyone clumsy enough to

fall inside.

Raised walls of dirt mounted by concentric layers of Tall

Stone Walls and Palisade Gates marked the interior.

And with no gatehouse in sight, to focus an assault on.

Instead the only access to the town came from a long winding

and reinforced underground tunnel, its entrance protected by

another fortified town by the name of Rolling Hills.

The tunnel exit into Merkamanost further protected by a long

steep ramp, Tall Stone Walls on either side and its length

protected by no less than five Palisade Gates.


The forces of HOTS knew that no simple assault could breach

such a well-built fortress.

They began to gather intelligence, trying to identify weak

points in the defenses.


Scouts and spies pieced together maps of the structures

above ground and the tunnels below.

Marking the location and purpose of the town’s buildings,

metal veins in the tunnel walls that had not been mined out

and reinforced.

Anything that might offer advantage.


On January 28th 2007 Libilian Outlawz, assisted by Plaguewind

Spire, made their move on Merkamanost.


The assault began on the town of Rolling Hills, which guarded

the true entrance of Merkamanost, from the eastern


A catapult was assembled, the gates of Rolling Hills took a

savage beating and the defenders rushed out to meet their




                  Blacklighters assemble east of Rolling Hills, by Adoll


The defenders of Merkamanost received help from their allies

in Silron Valley and the many town guards of Rolling Hills.

But still they took great loses against the more adequately

prepared invaders.

Rushing out of their deed again and again with what weapons

they could acquire, the Whitelighters made desperate suicide

charges in an attempt to slow the progress of the Blacklighters.


Some defenders opted instead to delay the attackers by

repairing the gatehouse and moving potential loot through

the tunnels into Merkamanost.

But eventually the gatehouse did fall, and the forces of LO

and Plaguewind Spire fought through the breach.

Finding the town desolate after its evacuation through the

mine, the Blacklighters pressed on.


The defenders now fought from their tunnels, using each

strong point between Rolling Hills and Merkamanost to brace

against the invasion.

Delaying the attack long enough for the town guards of

Rolling Hills to respawn behind the HOTS force.


The defenders looted weapons and armour from those few

attackers who fell in that time, and the HOTS force pulled

back out of Rolling Hills not wanting to be trapped and find

themselves facing a similar defeat suffered by their

compatriots at Tiergarden.


They decided to find another way into the tunnel system that

would not leave their retreat exposed to town guards.

Following their tactical maps they sought to breach the

reinforced tunnel at a point where the Whitelighters had left

a metal vein exposed.


From their staging point on the beach east of Rolling Hills,

they set off and started a new tunnel.

It would be a long process of making their way to an exposed

vein, and the vein itself could require thousands of mining


But they would not make it that far.


The Blacklighters found themselves cut off inside the new

cave they had dug, and came under heavy assault by the JK


Mounting casualties reduced the odds of success, and it was

decided to make a tactical retreat from the siege before

letting it turn into a complete rout.


The Blacklighters fought their way out of the tunnel, losing

some in the process but ultimately making it out to safety.


And with that, the siege of Merkamanost had ended.


There were some more skirmishes and events in the weeks

after, but unfortunate events transpired to make them



On April the 25th 2007 the Wurm servers suffered from

unrecoverable damage, although backups existed they only

occurred several months earlier.

This event became known as The Cataclysm and resulted in

the opening of Wild on Gold 2, the current and longest

running map to date.


Next Chapter: Sowing Wild Oats



Edited by Alden
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I was at the JK raid on Syphillys (on JK side). Was amazing to be there, but after Sye and PTO died... that was pretty much it. They tried to continue organising us over vent or TS, whichever we used at the time, but without being there on the ground, and no fast means to get back, it just kind of got worse and worse. Eventually I had to log off for the night (right outside the deed lol) and got killed by tower guards and a hyena when I logged on the next day...

Edited by Wossoo
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The goons were hilarious. Back then Wurm had like 30-40 people online at peak, or maybe less. Then the Goons came and it was a massive influx compared to what we were used to. I tried to join to spy on them, creating a new account for it. They kept killing me, but eventually one of them asked me their "safety question", to confirm whether I was one of them. It was: 'does your house have stairs?'



I remember joining them and then decided screw it and went on my main account to kill them.

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Reading the answers of people who've been there is just as interesting as reading the actual story  :rolleyes:

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