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Ownership papers, Papyrus, and Scribes

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Tich's posts regarding changes to the permission system(s) got me to wondering if the new "ownership papers" could be player-crafted from papyrus, ink, and reed pens.

Not to mention a new full blown Scribe skill. Unsure of Scribe as a skill name: scrivener, calligraphy, etc?

One possible means could be similar to house building: filled pen activated with papyrus in inventory.

This does not need to be limited to mere writing up of ownership papers. Bills of lading, receipts, invoices, etc.

Nothing fleshed out; though, one possibility that comes mind are "Letters of Mark". Documents that basically made the usual acts of piracy legitimate when conducted against someone's enemies. In Wurm these could be used a single usage permission to allow a skilled third party to lockpick chests with missing keys on pve servers. Though some of Tich's remarks might render this a void concern anyways.

Another possibility for "Letters of Mark" could be allowing an individual from an unconcerned kingdom to participate for either side in a war between two other kingdoms.

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Scribe is the correct term, and the whole thing seems like a cool idea, maybe have them be a subskill of like art or something, and be able to make portraits/drawings, nothing elaborate, maybe like a few landscape pictures that you can put on walls, bit more advanced them tapestries.

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