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WTS enchanted weapons and a large shield!

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Today's sale:





Large shield 57ql - 50c
Longsword 75ql - 3,25s
Longsword 84ql - 2,25s

Longsword 56ql - 1,25s
Small maul 85ql- 1s
Small maul 83ql - 1s

Two-Handed sword 82ql - 4,25s
Huge axe 82ql - 4,75s

Short bow, willow 80,96ql - 1,2s

Short bow willow 80,13ql - 1,2s

Bow willow 9,44ql - 50c
Long bow willow 82,59ql - 2,50s


These items will be mailed from Independece

Buyer pays the mailing


Any offers are approved!


  Giblet  :ph34r: 

Edited by Giblet_Jones

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