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Nahjo priest with 70+ faith and 30+ channeling (SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE)

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This is a nahjo priest with 70+ faith, 30+ channeling and not much else. It has vteleport, mirror and a newbie tent. It does not have any premium time or referral.


This priest is ready to cast Strongwall, Genesis, Reveal Creatures, Mend and Cure Light (all usable without low or no channeling) as well as moderate power Courier casts. With higher channeling Nahjo priests can cast a wide variety of powerful spells including Wind of Ages, Aura of Shared Pain, Frostbrand, Dominate, Mind Stealer and Lifetransfer (although the latter two require linking with another Nahjo priest). Nahjo priests get favor from sacrificing healing cover ingredients (including garlic) which makes casting spells and grinding channeling significantly easier than other types of priests. The full list of Nahjo spells can be found here: http://www.wurmpedia...index.php/Nahjo. If you are new to priests in Wurm Online I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Name: Bernoulli

Sex: male

Faith: 71.21

Prayer: 22.54

Channeling: 30.67

Affinity: Digging


I can provide a skilldump on request, but it doesn't have any other skills worth mentioning.


Price: 60s


It is currently located on Release and can be delivered immediately to any village on Release, Pristine or Xanadu. If you're on a western server then PM me and we can probably work out delivery.

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