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WTS Account Can do Enchanted grass + decent fighting, Mining, Carpentry

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I want to sell this account, Orago located on Indepedance.


Character can cast enchanted grass (Through path of Love), no more packed dirt tiles in your animal pens!!!


Looking for 50S but will consider all offers starting from 30S




b]   Mining: 70.090195
   Digging: 41.10925
   Masonry: 53.528503
      Stone cutting: 30.394943
      Gardening: 34.106888
      Farming: 37.878544
      Animal husbandry: 30.800198
   Fighting: 68.84947
      Normal fighting: 41.60633
      Aggressive fighting: 30.864367
   Miscellaneous items: 53.135696
      Pickaxe: 72.87516
      Hammer: 46.202896
      Longsword: 46.067596
      Two handed sword: 30.622627
      Butchering knife: 36.112503 *
   Woodcutting: 30.433784
      Large maul: 33.928898
   Carpentry: 51.537647
      Mind logic: 31.349848
   Body: 30.490747
   Alignment: 98.027



PM me or reply here

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