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Welcome to Wurmian Adventures!






Don't expect anything close to perfection. It's very raw and uncut. When I post the edited versions of the videos on YouTube I make the originals unlisted with a comment linking to the new edited version. I don't always have the time to edit right away. I'm far from being a pro at this but I don't think there's anything wrong with adding more content to the mix. We could probably use some more streamers/youtubers for Wurm Online. Keep in mind, I don't have a set date/time for streaming. I just do it whenever I feel like it so it's completely random. However, that's why I post the videos on YouTube. Have fun :-)

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I'm currently watching your first episode on Youtube, and what's totally distracting me from watching more right now is the noise in the background. I believe that is the uncut stream from Twitch?

So my first tip for you: don't stream/record videos if you're kids are still awake (it sounds like your kids watching some TV). :)

If possible you should wait with recording until they are in bed, or maybe consider to record in another room where the noise is not heard, maybe another (better) microfon that filters surrounding noise might be a solution too.


However, I will watch the rest at some time, it can only get better... ;)

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