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Currently renting 95ql rare exquisite meditation rug.













3. AVAILABLE , cant be sent by mail


Reimping start planned 2016-03-01




I'm unavailable fridays,weekends. Make sure you contact me other days.






It will cost you 50c + mailing fees(20-40c), though you will have to have 15s ( this is for insurance)






Before renting make sure required days passed for gaining question.



Return rug as soon as you can, ( up to 3 days ).



If rug goes down to 90ql or lower don't bother meditating if you have high path level



Don't forget to repair rug!!! ( if you destroy it you are losing 15s >.>)






This goes like this:






1. I send rug for 15s +cod



2. After you're done send it back for 14.5s without cod









Pm me ingame - Martynas.









If you have questions ask here.


Edited by Martynas5

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Huge +1 for this service, I recently rented the rug to help me pull up a 15th level meditation question.


Was all over within 1 hour, huge thanks, and will be looking to rent again in 24 days time!

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:o Does a 95ql rare rug make that huge of a difference?

It definitely does - if you are trying to advance to levels above 13.

(Friendly bump for Martynas - one of his rugs helped me to reach level 15 on the PoL.)

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