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Isla Del Vanyel

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Isla Del Vanyel is a large deed located at D-16 on the in-game map, or X20, Y36 on the Pristine Community Map
We are close to most resource types, with large forrested areas, mines (both on and off-deed), with Tar, Moss and Clay all close by.
With plenty of room to build, and tons of room to grow, we are looking for several new citizens to join us.

With several on-going village projects, there is plenty of opportunity for skillgain.
We have Communal tools available with a 'borrow, use, repair, return' policy. Enchanted tools *may* be available when helping on a project
Resources are also shared across the community under 'replace as you can' and 'use within your skill' policies
(ie: don't use 60+ql resources when you only have 15 skill - use 15-20ql)

We have a fairly relaxed environment, with few rules. Most of the time you play as you want, but we do ask you to pitch in
and help out on deed projects, craft, imp, repair, farm, or gather resources for communal use from time-to-time.

If you are looking for a new home, we accept newbies or oldies - just message Vanyel ingame by typing /tell Vanyel 


Screenshots can be found here

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Hey! My 2nd town owner has gone inactive and I was hoping that you were recruiting. The name is Yiraia in Pristine and I may require a bit of help transporting my tools and what not. 


PS: Pumpernickel would like to join as well

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