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The Rim of Heaven Newbie Village [Xanadu] Slight Troll Problem But..Great Place to Level!

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The Rim of Heaven is located in the middle of G25, right on the highway to Summerholt. You could probably get there on foot but it's a dangerous road. If you PM and ask for an invite, and you haven't used your teleport, you will get an option to teleport to the village upon receiving the invite! (No matter what village you started out in on Xanadu.)


The village has:


An inn with rooms/beds to get you started

A crafting area with everything you'll need (forges, ovens, anvils, bins, etc)

A nearby port if you wish to fish/store a ship/explore the coast!

Access to food and water

A village mine

Steppe (under construction)

Endless forest for grinding woodcutting

Space to build your own little house on deed (if you get along with the community, are an active player, and feel like you'll stick around a while.)

Constant mob spawns - GREAT place to level your fight skill, and hunt - but as mentioned in the title, beware the trolls!

2 guard towers on deed

A Fo priest (myself)


In the process of building:

A village farming area

Possibly a pond for fishing (not sure how deep we'd need to dig to get to water level.)

A church


At the moment we are a small community of 3 active players and 4 inactive; 2 others are dealing with computer problems but will be active again eventually. If this sounds like a place you'd like to join, Pm Dannysgirl  or Jokerino in game, or respond to this forum post. (I'll try to remember to check but I'm pretty bad.)



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