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Prospecting (Analyse) Tips

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Prospecting can be broken down into two buckets.  > 20 skill, and < 20 skill.


Here are links to Prospecting and Analyse for Wurmpedia


Under 20

If your skill is under 20, the best way to get it up is by running around and prospecting on walls, ceilings, and floors. You can also prospect rock tiles on the surface.



Getting Started

To start this, you'll want to mine out a few rock tiles worth of shards.  I typically mine in a straight line.


Over 20

Pick up as many rock shards as possible

Right click and analyse each shard

If you need rock shards for bricks, drop the "processed" shards in a new pile, or put them in a container.

Repeat steps 1-3 as needed. Obviously, Sleep Bonus can accelerate the gains.



You're probably saying "Why do it this way?"  I found that when you try and prospect, after 3-4 times I stopped getting gains and had to move to a different tile.  After a few times of doing this, I stopped getting gains altogether.  This ruined the efficiency of spamming prospecting on tiles. 



Another alternative to this process is to find a large area of rock and prospect it with sleep bonus active.

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i got to 60 on Deli using GD tunnel i prospected each floor tile 4 times in a 2 tile wide swathe, when i got to the end, i moved back 5 tiles to clear any proximity issues and worked my way back to the start again. then repeated back and forth along the length ofthe tunnel only took 2 trips each way. used a Coc76 pick, QL isn't important as it doesn't affect the timer noticeably but i think it was about 35ql.

To speed it up i "bind mouse2 prospect" and then click the mouse wheel on each tile 4 times (i have 5 actions but used the 5th as repair)


i done this on 2 toons now, works fine for me and no hassle of mining out shards, picking, dropping/discarding ...too slow.


not discrediting your method, just showing another.

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Sorry, not really prospecting tips here but rather one way how to grind the skill, for the people that like grinding, and in a rather boring way as well. I believe that few people, especially new people to the game, would enjoy running around in a cave doing nothing than prospecting walls with nothing to learn.


Therefore I'd suggest new people with less than 20 prospecting skill to prospect on rock surfaces:

  • gets you decent prospecting skill,
  • gets you some climbing skill along the way,
  • tells you about the ore distribution in your region.

And it's much more interesting! :)

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If you can find a reasonably flat strip of surface rock, or even a wall of surface rock with a flattish bit next to it, you can work your way backwards and forwards along it, prospecting each tile as you go.  I found that using a 3x10 (roughly) strip of rock, with a 70ish coc pick and SB on, I could get to 20 prospecting in under 30 minutes. 

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True, I found, Surface prospecting gives better gains than in caves ..up to about 20-25 skill

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