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Change weaponless fighting too and add ...

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Change weaponless fighting, with hand to hand fighting or just some hand style gear to do some extra dmg.

A small list of hand to hand fighting year for hands.

Brass knuckles

Gloves weapons for hand to hand combat not to be confused with armour.

Thorned gloves

Bear clawed gloves

Barbed chitin hand wraps

Other types of hand wraps, iron,cloth,steel wraps etc

Random claws,




Spiked ringed gloves or rings

Bear tooth spiked gloves

Chuck Noris red drake hide wraps. Lol

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So are these going to be "balanced" like armour got balanced where you are now going to be merged using normal 1 handed weapons to encourage people to use these weapons.

Note my heavy annoyance of archery change to encourage armour change

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