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Combat Log Parser (Unique hit counter)

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A while ago I made a combat log parser for unique kills. It had some problems so I remade it:

The new version is here:

Just put the combat log and your character name in.


The new version should better for unique kills, capturing a few things the old one missed and may be of interest for other things like PvP.

If you have any feature requests or issues please let me know by either posting in this thread or on github.





Here is an example of the output: Aged Starving Black Dragon



Old links should redirect but otherwise this is the url to use for old links now changing the code





I must mention whykillme for bugging me to make it and Pnut for reminding me to get a new version up


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On 12/9/2021 at 8:38 PM, SmackedDown said:

Just an FYI this has been down for a few months. :(

Sorry for not updating this earlier, the server it was hosted on has been taken down and I'd slightly forgotten about it, I'll try to get a replacement out by the end of the week. For a few reasons, mostly after noticing a few lines weren't parsing correctly and wanting to move to a different architecture, I'm making a  new website rather than just restarting the existing one, if anyone has comments/feature requests I'll read this thread.

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New version is up and I've updated the initial post. I expect there may be some initial issues and if so please let me know.

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