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Unfortunetly, i have to sell my Wurm character - DedeyVonZirrael


Please visit this link, there you can find my skill dump -


In buying this character is included:

- Knarr over 60 QL with anchor ant fantastic lock

- Corbita ~40Ql with anchor

- Wagon and cart

- Large Axe ~75QL 85LT 76COC 92NIMB

- Large shield with 69 COC

- Tools: rake 67COC, rake 54woa, Grooming brush 87coc, sickle 75coc, hatchet 82coc, hatchet 67coc, hatchet 68coc, butchering knife 82coc

- Iron chain set

- 70 QL 80WOA saddle with 4 woa horseshoes (~45woa)

- 1k cooked meat, around 1k cotton and wemp with middle lvl QL, a lot of animal parts, and other usless and useful bulk

- long bow 70QL

- axe, iron 70QL

- maul, iron 70QL

- 5speed horse, around 10 cows, few bulls, sheeps, bisons, 3 wild hell horses


Char affinity: Religion


"You have premium time until 27 Sep 2015 17:59:59 GMT"


Character is actually on Delivarence.


Starting bid : 70 silvers/euro (payment via paypal, od in game by silvers)


Min. inc.: 5 silvers/euro


Buyout: 100 silvers/euro


Feel free to pm me for more info!




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Nice Guy, Good luck selling your account.

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