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SOLD Awesome set of HorseShoes (OCD 92)

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Dear Wurmettes and Wurmians,


today we bring you anextraordinary auction of a set of horse shoes at 92 OCD.


92 OCD, you may ask, what is that supposed to meran?

Well, this set of four horshe shoes comes at a quality of 92 each, and an enchantment of WoA of 92 each.

Which in turn makes the average quality 92, and also the average enchant 92 ;)



Therefore, it is not only at an awesome quality, but also very pleasing to anyone who likes a certain order and neatness to groups of things.


To suitably deal with a set of items like this, bids will need to be multiples of 92c.


Starting bid will be 7.36s (8 times 92c), then it goes on in increments of 92c. (8.28s, 9.2s, 10.12s, and so on)


Buyout is 13.8s (15 times 92c)


And of course the auction will run for 92 hours!



No reserve, no sniper protection, no private bids, but private buyout allowed.


Now go, get yout favourite horse a match of awesome shoes.

Happy bidding!


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best auction ever :P

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